What is Happiness? - Journey of a Mompreneur

What is Happiness? - Journey of a Mompreneur

Parul Agrawal 09/08/2018 9

Ever since I started working on my “Happiness Project”, I have been agonizing over the meaning of Happiness. The dictionary meaning of Happiness is “ the state of being happy”. In other words being satisfied, contended, joyful, in good spirits and at peace with our current situation. Happiness is not something you experience all the time because according to scientists it isn’t physically possible for most people to stay happy always. 

Happiness is also not being rich and affording everything that money can buy. It’s important to have sufficient money to live a decent life but as our earning increase so does our lifestyle changes. So the happiness that is attained from money is short lived.

Happiness is not a final destination but it’s a journey.  “Most established techniques for becoming happier—keeping a gratitude journal, for example—are habits, not one-shot events, and most life events that make us happy in the short-term, like getting married or being promoted, fade over time as we adapt to them.” 

So what exactly is Happiness?  Positive psychology researcher Sonja Lyubomirsky in her book, The How of Happiness, describes happiness as “the experience of joy, contentment, or positive well-being, combined with a sense that one’s life is good, meaningful, and worthwhile.” 

Some people find it when the first rain falls on earth and makes everything alive. Some find it in the smile of their kids while some others find it in the company of friends. Some people find it in the cup of morning tea while some find it in the last satisfying meal of a hardworking day. Some find it in the smell of sweat after an intense workout while some find it in a deep tissue massage. In a recent research,  most people cited their happiness to things that they find meaningful, such as their work or relationships. 

Relationships are key to my happiness as well and hence the focus of my Happiness Project this last quarter was to be a better parent, spend more time with family and reflect on my past year goals. My India visit gave me an opportunity to do this. I am sure I can do better because sometimes I am unable to give undivided attention to them. I need to find a better balance between work and family. I also need to be more mindful and be in the moment while I am talking or playing with my son. I am glad my “Happiness Project” is giving me an opportunity to reflect on things that really make me happy. I learn something new everyday about myself and the way I handle my relationships. Next few months I plan to meditate regularly and exercise more. I am sure these two things will further better my relationship and make me truly “Happy”.

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  • Rob Wright

    Maybe people shouldn't persue happiness, but instead find purpose and meaning in their lives. Happiness follows.

  • Brodie Edwards

    It's better to live alone, than being in a relationship with toxic people.

  • Connor McGough

    Money won't buy you happiness, but the lack of it can buy you misery.

  • Richard Keeling

    Good relationships keep us happier and healthier.

  • Ashley Mellor

    The best change I ever made in my life was cutting off all of the toxic and negative people in it and stopped trying to make them happy.

  • Liam Smissen

    Many of us seem to judge other people on what job they do, we make an assumption of their intelligence on what job they do, when in fact some people just arent ambitious career wise, but may be smart people all the same, they may be ambitious about other things that dont bring them money. The world seems obsessed with money and materialism. Peace of mind brings you happiness, you can have all the money in the world but without peace of mind you won't have any peace, and won't have any happiness.

  • Paul Hellyer

    You can have a good life and a good relationship with yourself, and not with others. People seem to forget that we are born alone and will exit alone. So developing a relationship with self is the most important key to happiness.

  • Mick Freeman

    Happiness is just a chemical in your brain, and its just a temporary emotion that will come and ago. Life should be lived with intensity. A balanced life should have both happy and sad parts, that way we can be well rounded and the best we can be.

  • Tom Codling

    Amazing article

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Parul Agrawal

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Parul Agrawal is an International Bestselling Author, Speaker, Forbes Coaches Council Member and Podcast Host. She holds a double Master’s in Engineering from Arizona State University (ASU); worked as a Research Scientist at ASU and Engineer for Intel Corporation. In an effort to help others address major medical issues and live more healthily, she pursued holistic studies and acquired her certification as a wellness expert. After launching a successful Wellness Coaching business, Parul delivered the message of health through public speaking in various community centers and corporations. Parul’s life and business changed dramatically after she wrote a book on the benefits of juicing that became an International Bestseller in multiple categories. The book’s phenomenal success resulted in her being featured in major publications like the Huffington Post, Thrive Global, Forbes and as a guest on ABC Arizona. Parul has not only continued her success as an author and businesswoman, but she has paid-it-forward, by helping over 100 writers become bestselling authors, too! She is the founder of an International Publishing Platform where she helps thought leaders in the areas of health, wellness and consciousness write their books, achieve bestseller authority status, and land in mainstream media - just like she did! Parul is currently experiencing the honor of being listed as one of the 30 change-makers in India for the year 2018.

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