Why Should We Read Self-Growth Books?

Why Should We Read Self-Growth Books?

Vibha Soni 11/04/2022
Why Should We Read Self-Growth Books?

"If you are overthinking, write and if you are underthinking, read."

You often hear this famous line.

Even most of you have already followed this line.

But, have you ever thought, besides underthinking, how reading is linked with self-growth?

What are those exact reasons/benefits we get after reading the self-growth or self-help books?

Which self-growth books do we have to choose?

To answer all these questions, I have curated this article which discusses the benefits of book reading, 3 self-growth books recommendations, and how to choose them.

When you're aware of the meaning behind each action in your life, you can erase your negative thoughts and smash through your limitations. 

5 Reasons/Benefits of Self-Growth Books Reading

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Human nature makes it easy to explain anything to anyone when community members share benefits or discuss reasons. Self-growth books are themselves a medicine to cure your invisible problems. To know what benefits you can get after taking this medicine, read the following points:

  • Expand your thought process, increase your knowledge, and make you an open-minded person who is always ready to learn any new thing from anyone.

  • You get different real-life examples, case studies, and stories. Sharing such things while speaking or writing always helps you get attention from the reader.

  • Busy schedules, tech-dependent lifestyles, and work pressures are increasing the stress to every second human being. It does not matter whether the person is male or female; they have pressures in their personal or professional work areas. Books are the best stress-reliever.

  • Another big benefit of reading self-growth books is that they enhance cognitive skills. Information about history, culture, and languages makes people think about it. It is natural for readers to feel compelled to share what they have read with others and keep it forever in their memory.

  • The readings about growth help you increase your productivity, creativity, and capabilities. You make better decisions even in challenging situations. You learn the art of questioning, which always keeps you intrigued.

Often, we make mistakes based on the belief of others rather than our own judgment. If you read, you might avoid making such mistakes and get a better grip on yourself than others.

Recommendations of 3 Self-Growth Books

We often question our friends, colleagues, and mentors to give recommendations on books, especially self-growth books. It is a good practice to get an idea about those books. With this in mind, I'd like to recommend 3 self-growth books that always help me when I pick them up.

(1) Power of Your Subconscious Mind by Joseph Murphy

The main reason to recommend this book is to reprogram your subconscious mind as it is like a CPU responsible for your every thinking. If you send negative input, you get a negative output. So, better to send those inputs capable of performing positive outcomes.

(2) The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success by Deepak Chopra

We all want success, but often we compare it with only materialistic growth. To understand the fundamental concept of success, I recommend reading this book. You get all answers about your life, what you want, and how it can be done.

(3) The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho

We never lose hope in any situation. Losing hope as soon as we face obstacles becomes the first barrier to growth. Well, I admire "Paulo Coelho" and all his books. The author has articulated many aspects of life, and knowing this is a must for our development. The author always tries to share big messages in simple words. You can finish books in one sitting but sometimes, take time to read and understand the words.

Check out this link to know evergreen self-growth books. There are hundreds of best-selling books on self-growth which transformed many lives. There is no replacement for those books. Some of you have already read many books along with these three books. If not, I request you read it once for your growth in all aspects.

My primary purpose is to provide you with some resources that can assist you in discovering yourself and understanding the meaning of life and its various aspects. Once you know, it becomes easy to achieve what you want in your life.

How to Choose a Book

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We all have different perspectives, interests, and talents. All these factors impact our choices, including book selection. A typical human tendency is to look at the most popular books including the best selling ones and checking out positive reviews. Going with this trend is good. And, sometimes it is also good to check out books yourself and while checking, consider the cover page and table of content. By doing this, you can get a chance to understand the actual purpose of the book and how it can help you solve your problems or assist in expanding your thinking.

Thanks to advanced technologies that are providing accurate book summaries and reviews, you can make informed decisions before purchasing any book.

In my case: Along with picking popular books, I am used to exploring the table of content before selecting any book. Besides, any cover page that grabs my attention, I glimpse it. After reviewing it, I decided to read it or not. If the reading is not making me intrigued so I skip that book.

Final Thoughts

Each year, the self-help book market is growing at an average rate of 5.6% to 6%. You can check out these interesting statistics to know about the self-development industry. These statistics indicate that every second person has started adopting the reading habit for personal growth.

Without self-growth, how can a person get what they want! Never stop reading!

Did you like this article? If yes, please don't forget to share your 3 favourite self-growth books in comments that worked for you!

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