Why You Should Be Spending Money on Promotional Products to Market Your Firm

Why You Should Be Spending Money on Promotional Products to Market Your Firm

Noah Rue 01/06/2022
Why You Should Be Spending Money on Promotional Products to Market Your Firm

There are numerous ways we can market our ventures and gain new leads, customers, referrals, and repeat business.

For example, we can produce quality content, ensure we deliver winning customer service, develop amazing new product or service lines, or devise loyalty programs that work. However, it’s also worth spending money on promotional products. 

These don’t have to set you back a lot of money as there are many affordable options these days that can be well worth the expense and give you an excellent return on investment. Read on for why you should think about buying promotional products for your brand today. 

1. Makes for a Memorable Marketing Strategy

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Promotional products are more memorable than many ads and other market strategies, especially when you choose the right gear. Giveaways help remind people about your business for weeks after week. You don’t have to outlay a huge amount in them, which means they can be used by small businesses, too, yet they can assist your venture in seeming much larger and more established than it is. 

People typically recall the names of organizations written on the free items they receive, even months afterward, so you should enjoy an excellent return on investment. Most recipients utilize things like quality water bottles, pens, mugs, caps, tote bags, etc., repeatedly, thus exposing them and the people around them to your brand name. With many other marketing campaigns, viewers only see your business name once and are likely to forget it. With promotional products, though, recipients can engage with your brand long after receiving the free item. 

2. Improved Recognition of Your Brand

A more general but also welcome flow-on effect of the memorability of promo gear is that your organization should also start to get better brand recognition in the industry. After seeing your logo regularly on goods, all the consumers you handed items out to and those around them can start to identify your business and what you sell simply by seeing your logo, tagline, or website or hearing your brand name. 

3. Aids Employee Satisfaction

Promo items don’t just have to be given to current or potential customers, either. Many companies buy these goods to acknowledge and recognize team members. It’s vital to do what you can to encourage your workforce to be loyal, productive, committed, and engaged, and giving them welcome freebies assists with this. 

You can incentivize people or say thank you to stand-out workers by giving them prizes or special goods. Everyone likes receiving something beneficial that they don’t have to pay for, so promotional products can have quite an impact, provided you opt for quality gear that employees see value in. Take note of your staff turnover rates and results in various areas before and after you give out promotional products, and you should see favorable statistics coming in. 

4. Boosted Client Loyalty and Engagement

You might also be keen to boost your clients' loyalty and engagement levels. It’s much cheaper to keep selling to people who have already bought from you than it is to land new clients, so investing in keeping customers is a smart move. There are numerous ways you can hand out promo items to engage customers, so be creative and base your decisions on who your target demographic is and how they shop and live. 

Use promo pieces not just to land new leads but also to make positive impressions on your current clientele and show them how valued they are. You might give people freebies when they place an order, refer someone to you, or when you know it’s their birthday or some other significant date. Use giveaways to help start a conversation if you want to get back in touch with clients or encourage them to try higher-value products or services from your range. 

5. Helpful When Exhibiting at Events

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If you plan to exhibit at any events this year or next, such as a conference or trade show, it’s worthwhile having products you can use to generate interest and awareness of your brand while there. Giving away useful gear to those who visit your stand for more information or order goods on the day will help you cement your name in their minds and make an excellent impression. 

Promotional products can help your business stand out from the crowd and get people to come closer to learn more. You can also use items as competition prizes or to hand out as a thank you to those who attend workshops or talks you present on the day. Be sure to add contact details such as website or social media addresses and phone numbers to products so people have an easy way to get in touch with you after the event, too.

There are numerous reasons to consider investing money in promo pieces this year. Do your research before ordering to ensure you’ll receive high-quality items, and double-check that the details you get printed on goods are correct before giving the final go-ahead. 

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