You Can’t Get Your Desired Job Through LinkedIn – Unless You Connect With The Recruiter Personally!

You Can’t Get Your Desired Job Through LinkedIn – Unless You Connect With The Recruiter Personally!

Hardik Lashkari 26/05/2020 4
You Can’t Get Your Desired Job Through LinkedIn – Unless You Connect With The Recruiter Personally!

6 months ago, Scott graduated from college when he cleared his exams with flying colours. Since then, he had been continuously hunting for a job on LinkedIn.

He applied to hundreds of jobs but didn’t receive even a single interview call.

He was decided and hence quit LinkedIn to invest his valuable time somewhere else.

Several other candidates like Scott get depressed because of not getting even a single interview call in spite of making a profile on the biggest professional platform.

LinkedIn claims to have more than 14 million open jobs currently listed on its platform. (Source – Kinsta)

90% of the recruiters have reported using LinkedIn regularly to hire new employees.

Yet, what do we see all around? - Candidates desperately asking for a job recommendation by revealing their severe financial hardships or low family background.

Whenever I open LinkedIn, every second or third post appears in the feed from a frustrated candidate who is tired of floating around his resume only to receive no reply from HRs and recruiters.

Hundreds and thousands of candidates comment “Interested” on a recruiter’s post in a hope that he will view their profile and call them for an interview.

However, their hopes and dreams are shattered because they neither receive a profile view nor an interview call. It enhances their doubt in believing on the credibility of the platform.

Wait, Are We Missing a Connecting Dot Here?

According to Kinsta35.5 million people have been hired because they connected with the recruiter personally on LinkedIn.

Today, LinkedIn has significantly reduced (technically eliminated!) the geographical barriers due to which thousands of candidates apply for a job post.

Every one of them has a similar skillset, calibre and mindset which can make it really difficult for a candidate to stand out from others.

When we talk about crucial tips which can help a person to find an ideal job through LinkedIn, we include optimising the profile, explaining professional & educational experiences in detail, keeping a close eye on the job boards and applying to the relevant jobs.

Yes, they are vital in getting higher visibility on LinkedIn and attracting a few profile views, but the probability of getting a job is negligible.

Then, How Can a Candidate Increase his Chances of Getting an Interview Call?

A candidate can get more interview calls when he connects with the recruiter personally. Then, he gets a chance to convince the recruiter how he can turn out to be a great value addition to the organisation.

Needless to say, once the recruiter knows your strengths and skills, he won’t be shy enough in calling you for an interview, at least.

Connecting Personally Doesn’t Mean Bombarding the Message Box

“Hi Sir/ Mam, do you have a job in your organisation? Please find my attached CV. Regards, Avinash.”

Even when few candidates smartly send a connection request to the recruiter, they ruin everything by sending copy-paste template message once the recruiter connects.

Connecting personally with a recruiter doesn’t mean you should bombard the recruiter’s message box with a resume or constant follow-up messages.

Instead, you should share the relevant posts or articles (that you have written) to give them an impression of your knowledge and skillset. Also, you should engage with them in their posts or articles by dropping your two cents in the comment section.

Slowly, when they begin to recognise you, you can gently ask if they have a suitable opening in their organisation for your skillset or experience or else they can refer you to someone in their network.

You are Inches Away from Getting an Interview Call

If you have built a personal rapport with the recruiter and he has a suitable opening in his organisation, your chances of getting the interview call increase multifold.

LinkedIn is a powerful professional platform but it is not a job search engine. Instead, it is a place where you build relationships and those relationships help you fetch the desired job.

Hence, connect with the recruiter personally and convince him of your skills and mindset. Who knows – you might be just a step away from getting an interview call!

If you found this article informative, please share it with the people currently searching for a job. One share might change their life for good.

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  • David Johnson

    Thanks for the tips

  • Simon Hill

    LinkedIn helped me land my current job

  • Luke Sampson

    I am no longer using LinkedIn because it didn't help me at all

  • Ben Lye

    Thank you Hardik

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