Talent Acquisition in the Energy Sector

Talent Acquisition in the Energy Sector

David Hunt 06/01/2018 10

Talent acquisition is a long-term strategy for growth. In the clean energy, eMobility, energy storage and clean tech sectors, finding key talent through rigorous executive search enables companies to be ground-breaking and evolve in an ever-changing market.

Within Hyperion Executive Search there are two distinct approaches to talent acquisition which instigate office debate on a regular basis! I advocate that talent acquisition is an art form, whereas my colleague and Partner, Ross Hoare, remains loyal to his technical roots, asserting that talent acquisition is very much a scientific process.

In considering what makes us so successful, this is a debate worth exploring further.

Talent Acquisition as an Art Form

The artistry of talent acquisition resides in the skill and intuition that takes us beneath the surface of a CV. This is particularly essential for achieving the all-important cultural fit that our clean tech start up clients, in particular, need when recruiting key leaders, managers or complete teams.

At Hyperion Executive Search we understand that the fit with company culture and ethos is critical to long-term successful placements. We achieve this in several ways:

  • Our team use their extensive experience to ask the questions that get under the skin of a candidate, beyond any façade that they may be hiding behind
  • We drill down to discover candidates’ real frustrations, motivations and character to find them the best fit for their skills and mindset
  • By opening the appropriate dialogue and nurturing the relationship with our candidates, we learn more about their needs, not just those of our clients. Talent acquisition is a two-way process which must satisfy both parties
  • Intuition is key in the success of our craft. We have many years’ experience working within the British and European clean energy sectors, resulting in our thorough understanding of its history, operation and future aspirations. As such, we truly understand our clients’ needs and those of our candidates

Finding the perfect match is an art, an intuition, an ability to make connections others cannot. That all comes from experience, knowledge and understanding of the clean energy sector, and the people that work within it.

Psychology is key.

Talent Acquisition as a Scientific Process

A methodical, structured approach is the backbone to any executive search process. It ensures that no stone is left unturned, and we have the foundation on which to deal with the great, the challenging and the unexpected.

At Hyperion Executive Search we have a 28 stage process for all search assignments. This enables us to fully understand our client’s requirements, identify hard to find talent and make the recruitment process as smooth as possible from both the client and candidate’s point of view:

  • We meet with our clients at their offices to really understand the DNA of the company and the types of personalities that would be a good fit for them. This leads on to in-depth discussions regarding the requirements of the role.
  • We take a thorough approach to mapping the market of companies operating in the clean energy sector to find the most talented candidates.
  • Our thorough questioning and screening of candidates makes sure we identify those with the correct experience for the role. The screening process typically involves several detailed telephone or Skype calls and face to face meetings where possible. It is only after this process that we make a final decision on whether the candidate is a suitable fit for the client and their role.
  • When a client and candidate speak or meet, we always make sure both sides are briefed fully before the meeting. We also have a thorough debrief with both parties afterwards, getting their detailed feedback to decide if, or how, to take the process forward.
  • Each stage of the process is an opportunity to assess the match between candidate and client to make sure we get it right.

Through our professional and detailed approach, we are a trusted partner for both clients and candidates. This means we can manage any job offers and contract negotiations, ensuring that all parties are in agreement, resulting in a successful hire.

If we don’t cover all steps in our process we risk either not identifying a superstar candidate in the first place, or not being able to manage the recruitment process effectively. This could lead to a perfect match slipping through the net.

Process is key

The Holistic Approach

The progression of the clean energy, eMobility and energy storage sectors relies upon the influence of key personnel within organisations. In what can sometimes be a volatile industry, it is even more essential that we get our contribution right by making the most effective connections possible.

Whilst our office debate will no doubt continue, we would both concede that it is in fact the combination of the intuition and the thorough, methodical process that enables us to achieve a successful match between candidate and client. Art without science would not function, and vice versa. They are complementary approaches, the unique combination of which is the winning formula behind our success.

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  • Diane Fitzpatrick

    You're absolutely right. Talent acquisition is not a scientific approach, but an art. You need to put in the hours to see results and find the right match to satisfy clients!

  • Aidan Maxwell

    This is very useful information!!

  • Jack Sean

    If I hate people, perhaps I could fire employees instead.

  • Erin Dodds

    It's very nice that you enjoy your job and that you are passionate about it

  • Kuan Yin

    As a former recruiter, this sector is definitely sales driven.

  • Ravi Teja

    In reply to: Kuan Yin

    I have worked with many recruitment companies and good agencies are less sales heavy and it is more about finding the right fit for the right company.

  • Lucas Neto

    I am an engineer that understands recruitment well but am not able to find an entry role as I don't have the experience. I don't even get responses to my applications. I live in a town where job opportunities are scarce :(

  • Lisa H

    Thank you for writing this!

  • Elsa Herrera

    just out of curiosity, how long does it take to find the right candidate?

  • Jonathan Sinclair

    That sounds like an exciting job, but also a challenging one

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