Kristen O'Connell Recruitment Expert

Kristen is an award-winning global business owner, keynote speaker with a passion for travel and adventure. She is a a people-focused entrepreneur who built a business from scratch to help like-minded individuals. She is a visionary with a passion for helping others find their calling and achieve their full potential. Kristen launched her own media and recruitment advertising company in 2014 as a result of her vast experience and the understanding that she could help other Sales Directors grow in a similar way. 


6 Proven Strategies to Massively Increase Your Hiring Rate

We only get one chance to make a first impression in life and business. People, including job seekers, are constantly bombarded with information; and we only have 5-6 seconds to capture their attention before they move onto something else.


5 Ways for Remote Workers To Get More Done Faster

We're living in a day and age where we’re no longer trapped at a desk in an office block. Technology makes it a reality for many employees, freelancers, and entrepreneurs to work from home or whilst travelling. The workforce is dominated by Generation X and Millennials- people raised and fuelled by choice and independence.


3 Reasons Why Most Leaders Never Reach Their Potential

We've all been there, hired great people with obvious leadership potential written all over them. But, instead of advancing within the company, they became stagnate or quit.


3 Lessons to Actually Reaching the Massive Goals We Set For Ourselves

There's a joke that some of you may have heard.


How To Reduce or Eliminate Employee Turnover

Are you tired of hiring and training people just to have them leave a few months (or a year) later forcing you to start the process all over again? Are you concerned about the direct and indirect costs of employee turnover in your office, company or organisation? Did you know that one of the keys to employee longevity is easier than you think, and it has nothing to do with salary, benefits or vacation time?