Louis M. Profeta Healthcare Expert

Dr Louis M. Profeta is an emergency physician practicing in Indianapolis. He is one of LinkedIn's Top Voices and the author of the critically acclaimed book, The Patient in Room Nine Says He's God. Dr Louis holds a medical degree from the Indiana University Bloomington.


I Love You...You are Fired

I’ve heard rumors that some medical schools and teaching hospitals are actually considering or already have put policies in place that prevent romance between attending physicians, residents and medical students. If that’s the case, it wouldn’t surprise me, considering the changing culture of the times. I’m sure this is no different than many other places of employment.


I Don’t Care if My Doctor Plays Piano

We had an interview dinner for a young doctor recently at the home of one of my partners. We have nearly a hundred doctors in our group and we, frankly, need quite a few more. Board-certified emergency physicians are at a premium and, for the most part, they can throw a dart at the map of the U.S. and practice wherever it lands. After dinner, my wife and I were driving home.


We are Living in an Age of Cell-Phone Cowards

Which is more likely to happen? You get assaulted in a mall parking lot and someone comes to your aid, helps ward off the attacker and calls the police? Or, you get assaulted in a mall parking lot and someone holds up a cell phone and records it all the while providing commentary like, “Damn, she’s getting her ass beaten; someone should call the police?”