Nikunj Thakkar Tech Expert

Nikunj is the CEO of DataOne Innovation Labs. His company provides architectural solutions for big data problems faced by enterprises. His main areas of focus are real-time data processing, machine learning, NLP, cloud computing and high availability architecture design. Nikunj holds a master’s degree in Information Technology from the Dhirubhai Ambani Institute of Information and Communication Technology.


Big Data and Military Intelligence

Developing the Intelligent Fulcrum


Big Data And The Future of Agriculture

Over the last decade, through deployment of different kinds of sensors, regulators, and controller devices, there are data collection points all over an agricultural field.


Big Data in E-Commerce: Trends, Personalisation and Beyond

E-Commerce, as an industry, received a jump start because of the progress made by big data engines in providing critical and focused analytics to retailers.


Big Data in Startup/SME Environment

Previously, we spoke about the role of Big Data in Healthcare, and the response to the article has been nothing but phenomenal. This time, we have decided to tackle a whole section of the work environment that really links up with Big Data, giving shape to the Big Data Industry as well as truly utilizing what Big Data has to offer. In this article, we are going to discuss the impact of Big Data on the Startups and Small-Medium size Enterprises (SMEs).


Big Data in Telecom: A Big Bubble or A Big Opportunity?

As the Telecom industry goes through phases of troughs and crests, the one constant that marks the industry is the abundance of the types and volumes of data that it has. While the industry had great expectations of Big Data in the initial years, this vibrancy was followed by a period of doubt. Now, as things look up again, let us see how the trends have evolved over the last six years.