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Payal Nanjiani is one of the world’s few Indian-American globally acclaimed motivational leadership speaker, executive, and success coach, and author. She is the founder and CEO of Success Is Within Leadership, a coaching & training company. She is well-known for cutting through the complexity of leadership in today’s fast-changing environment to uncover the core problems and devise real-world solutions. She is also active in promoting women in leadership around the world.


Awaken the Leader within to Soar Like an Eagle

Do you want to stand out or be an also-ran? The choice is yours. It was a cold wintery day of December 2012 when something inside me changed as a leader. I was traveling to New York to deliver a session that came unexpectedly just before the holiday season.


Building Strong Workplace Connections

At a conference I was speaking early this year in London, I got to meet with Amanda, the vice president of a Fortune 500 company. During our lunch conversation, I got to know that Amanda was a young vice president at thirty-two years of age.


Are you a Remote-Controlled Leader?

I remember the day of December 4th, 2002 when something inside of me as a leader had changed. Just three months earlier, I had mustered the courage to submit my resignation letter to my immediate boss.


How Leaders Make the Greatest Impact

In my work as a speaker, I visit large organizations worldwide. At one of these companies, I met Jaden. He didn’t carry a dream of climbing the corporate ladder. He was content with his role as a manager. However, deep inside, he aspired to create a lasting impact on his people and organization. 


Every Company Can Achieve Transformational Change

Last year, I traveled to San Jose to facilitate a workshop for an IT company that was undergoing massive change and reorganization to keep up their market share and thrive in an economy of innovation and disruption. Few senior leaders spoke to me about how challenging it had been for them to bring about a transformational change versus developmental change until they had participated in my session. Many companies, from small-medium business to Fortune 500, face similar challenges.


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