How to Accelerate Growth Post Pandemic

How to Accelerate Growth Post Pandemic

How to Accelerate Growth Post Pandemic

You need talented employees on board to drive your business to the next level post pandemic.

Here are 8 proven tips to accelerate growth post pandemic:

  1. Hire the right employees and build a winning culture

  2. Focus on established revenue sources

  3. Reduce risks and stay ahead of the latest cybersecurity practises

  4. Be flexible and listen to your workers

  5. Focus on innovation and customer experience

  6. Invest in your brand, leverage video and content marketing

  7. Always think ahead of your competitors

  8. Boost your customer service with digital assistants

How to promote growth during uncertain times? This question reminded me of when I was delivering a leadership workshop at a convention in Florida, and as always, I reached the centre very early. I began setting up the system, and after I was done, I noticed that the room's windows had opened up. There was this beautiful view of the ocean. As I was enjoying staring at the sight, a crow caught my attention who was flying with a piece of meat in its mouth. I think it was trying to find a place to sit, and all of a sudden, there was a group of eagles who started chasing the poor crow, the chase went on for a long time, and the crow got tired of flying. Looking at this scenario, I asked myself why this crow is flying in such a state of panic? If only he let go of that piece of meat that he was holding, it would accelerate its speed and fly higher; if he would just drop that meat, it would distract the group of eagles, and the crow would be free to accelerate its speed and would be able to hunt for many more such pieces of meat and enjoy its journey.

Most of us aspire to achieve big in our professional life; we want to fly high, achieve success, etc. But in reality, only a tiny percentage of people can accomplish all of that. The majority of the people who are working hard and are doing everything it takes to fly high and reach the top are not able to do so. It is because, like that crow, many of us are holding on to things that weigh us down and stunt our career growth.

Logically speaking, if you are climbing a mountain, you would carry only those things which are essential and have a necessity factor, not the things that you won't be needing for your journey because if you do take something you do not need, they will do absolutely nothing other than weighing you down. Similarly, in the climb to success, you should and must travel light. Otherwise, you will fall from all the unnecessary weight.

Think about this, How often has it happened to you that you want to share your ideas and want to communicate with people, but the fear of being judged holds you back? This very fear of being judged is the heavy baggage that is weighing you down. We carry much more such baggage every day to our workplace, and we do not even realise that it is pulling us down.

Think of your career journey as a trip. When people take a trip they think of where they are going, how they are going to get there, and what it is they are going to take with them.

Another thing about leadership is that it's all about speed. You've got to think, act and innovate with speed. You can't allow your heavy baggage to slow you down. The climb upward demands your energy. So it's imperative you check what you are carrying with you while leading yourself and your teams upward.

Begin by making a list of all the things that you feel you will need to carry with you to achieve your goals. From this list, circle out and mark only five things you need to achieve your goals. 

Check your list. You will find it interesting that you never wrote down things like tension, complaints, stress, anxiety, etc that you would carry with you. In fact, I'm sure you might have written things like actions, hope, belief, motivation, money, values, skills, good relationships, resources, etc.

So, in reality, we all know where we want to go, but the things that we carry with us along the way are contradicting our goals. 

Creating your travel list will wire your brain and tune it to achieve and strip all the distractions around you and get you going.

Leadership is a brave adventure, a beautiful journey that is meant to be travelled light. You will travel this road only once, so make it your best trip.

I hope this is of much value to you in your journey to success.

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Payal Nanjiani

Leadership Expert

Payal Nanjiani is one of the world’s few Indian-American globally acclaimed motivational leadership speaker, executive, and success coach, and author. She is the founder and CEO of Success Is Within Leadership, a coaching & training company. She is well-known for cutting through the complexity of leadership in today’s fast-changing environment to uncover the core problems and devise real-world solutions. She is also active in promoting women in leadership around the world.

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