Richard Waithe, PharmD Healthcare Expert

Dr. Richard is the Founder of MedVize, a personal medication management company and is the host of Rx Radio, a podcast dedicated the pharmacy profession. He is a pharmacist who is committed to helping individuals better manage their health and medications. He is passionate about advancing the profession of pharmacy with a focus on machine learning and blockchain technologies. His mission is to provide people with understandable knowledge to best manage their health while ensuring their medications are convenient, affordable, safe, and effective. Dr. Richard holds a Doctorate of Pharmacy from the University of Florida, and fun fact, although living in sunny Miami, Florida, he loves snowboarding. 


Insulin Pump Recalled due to Cybersecurity Risks

As technology continues to advance and healthcare becomes more digital, more privacy and security concerns start to come with it. This recall of a wirelessly controlled insulin pump is a prime example. According to the FDA:


What You Need to Know About the New Influenza Treatment, Xofluza

It’s been almost 20 years to the month since Tamiflu (received FDA approval in Oct 1999) has been approved, but it has officially met its match. We now have a new contender, Xofluza. As you’ll likely get many questions about it, I just wanted to give you some quick basics on what you need to know.


Innovations in Patient Care and New Opportunities for Providers

I had the pleasure of attending two pharmacy conferences over the last two weeks and wow! I couldn’t be more excited about the future. I saw it all, from gene therapy to digital marketing to pick up kiosks. Yes, many are very worried about what’s to come. There’s so many changes in healthcare now-a-days so I can completely understand the fear of the uncertain. But there really is so much to be excited about. I want to share some take-a-ways of some recent experiences.


Why Biosimilars are not Generics

Biologics and biosimilars are all we’re hearing about now a days. It’s like we’re back in the early-mid 1900s when we were still trying to figure out how to deal with generic medications. A biosimilar drug is created based off an original (or Brand) biological drug. But, why aren’t we just calling it a generic drug?


Pharmacy Personnel, Here’s How to Leave Work Safely

There has been a recent story in the news about a Publix Pharmacy employee, Alvin Ahmed, who went missing after his shift at his pharmacy about a week ago. There hasn’t been many updates so far except for Facebook posts by Alvin’s brother, Kalvin. I cannot imagine what him and his family must be going through. But, in a recent post Kalvin mentioned he hoped this situation would bring awareness to prevent this from happening to someone else and with that in mind, I hope this article provides some best practices that every pharmacy individual could follow to do just that.