Roshni Dhal Digital Marketing Expert

Roshni is the cofounder of HighOn M, a digital marketing consulting firm that helps SMEs & MNCs to grow their business using various digital marketing methods. She is a renown Internet Entrepreneur who has helped 20+ major brands improve their online marketing management. She has featured on the LinkedIn Top 15 Voices of India 2016. Roshni holds a bachelor's degree in Commerce from P.G.D.A.V. College. 



Generate Unstoppable Sales: From Beginner to Advanced Affiliate Marketers

If you want to stand out in the affiliate marketplace, maximize your income quickly while building a list of ultra-targeted, insanely loyal customers, then you will want to read this special report.


How Chatbots help Businesses

What makes a business successful? Is it the product or the machines behind it? To be really frank about this, it is the customers that make a business. Several studies, from Harvard Business School to organisations like Right Now have shown that customers are truly at the epicenter of a successful business.


4 Google Chrome Extensions to Increase your Productivity as a Digital Marketer

We all want to boost our efficiency and enjoy a better work life balance, but it’s the time when we’re busiest that productivity proves the most elusive. We often get distracted by social media notifications. In this article, the main objective is to make you feel much more productive. I am sure you will like these simple hacks.


Meet Sophia, the First Robot to be Granted Citizenship by Saudi Arabia

Her name is Sophia. She looks a bit like Audrey Hepburn and gives facial expressions while talking. She has an answer for every question. And she is the first robot to be granted citizenship of Saudi Arabia.