Salman Jaffer Tech Expert

Salman is a Chartered Financial Analyst and heads up the Tech Team at Thomson Reuters in Singapore. He has led over 20 risk, trading and technology implementations from start to finish over his career. As the Head of the Tech Team at Thomson Reuters, Salman combines his rare skill set of strong knowledge in technology and finance to formulate unique solutions. He holds a degree and a number of professional qualifications in the fields of Computer Science, Machine Learning, Big Data and Technology from King's College London, Imperial College and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.


The Innovator's Dillema

Over the last year I've had the pleasure of getting an in depth understanding of the product development process at a small startup (just under 4 years old). I've had the chance to get involved in Design Sessions, Market Segmentation, User Journey, Minimum Viable Products (MVP), Unique Selling Propositions (USP) and Value Propositions.


Crowd Labelling

In the 21st Century, the Data Science community commonly cited the three main ingredients for developing a good machine learning model: 1. Good quality data, preferably labelled 2. High Power Computing  3. Efficient, Precise and Accurate Algorithms