6 Facts Society Needs to Learn About Keto-friendly Foods

6 Facts Society Needs to Learn About Keto-friendly Foods

Daniel Hall 27/12/2022
6 Facts Society Needs to Learn About Keto-friendly Foods

The keto diet is a diet that has become extremely popular in the last decade or so and involves reducing one’s consumption of carbohydrates.

If you are interested in trying out a diet that’s tried and tested and has worked for hundreds of thousands of people, then the keto diet is for you.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of misconceptions about the keto diet circulating on social media, on forums, and in society. This post will address those misconceptions and tell you about a few facts that you (and the rest of society) need to learn about keto-friendly foods and the ketogenic diet.


Tasty Recipes

A lot of people seem to think that because of the options as far as foods are concerned when it comes to the keto diet, the recipes available to adherents of this diet are narrow. This couldn’t be any further from the truth. There are tons of delicious recipes that you can make when following the keto diet, not to mention lots of great foods. If you’re wondering what you can eat, cottage cheese is a great option, as are Italian sausages. You can either follow a pre-planned recipe guide or you can get creative and make your own recipes. Whatever you do, make sure that you confirm the foods that you are including in your recipes are keto-friendly. A lot of people assume things are keto-friendly but discover after eating them that they aren’t. You need to be strict with yourself, no matter what diet you are following.

Weight Loss

The main reason that a lot of people follow the keto diet is for weight loss. However, something that you might not know is that the diet was not originally created for people seeking weight loss. Interestingly, the diet was actually created as an attempt to cure people who were suffering from epilepsy. The diet is not used for that anymore and is mainly used for weight loss, however. You might be surprised to learn though that the keto diet was when it was used for this purpose, extremely effective in treating epilepsy.

Eating Fruit

Unfortunately, a large majority of fruit isn’t compatible with a keto diet. For fruit lovers, this is disastrous. However, it is worth noting that berries can be eaten as part of a keto diet because they are very low in sugar. The low sugar makes them a great option and a fantastic addition to a keto diet. If you are a person who loves fruit but can’t eat it anymore because you are following the keto diet, then it is definitely worth exploring all of the berries that you can eat, from gooseberries to blackberries, and everything in between.


Keto Flu

When you first start eating a ketogenic diet, you may experience something that’s called the keto flu. Keto flu is a lot like ordinary flu, being completely honest, except it’s a lot shorter in terms of duration and it isn’t caused by a virus. Many people report experiencing keto flu. It is, for the most part, completely harmless. It is typically experienced within the first week of following the diet. If you are concerned about your symptoms then visit your physician and ask them to check you out and investigate you.

Vitamin Supplements

When a person is adhering to the keto diet, more often than not supplements are needed. The reason that supplements are needed is so that the person can get all of the vitamins and minerals that they need, that they would otherwise get from fruit and high-sugar vegetables. A lot of ordinary items are omitted from a person’s diet when they are following the ketogenic diet, which means that the nutrients have to be made up another way. Vitamin supplements are an extremely effective way of getting the nutrients that you need while still following the ketogenic diet.

Continued Diet

If you follow the keto diet for too long, then it can become harmful. Experts all agree on this. Because of this, you need to follow it for as long as it is safe for you. The best way to determine how long is safe for you is to consult a doctor and ask them for some advice. It is also worth speaking to a nutritionist, especially one who specializes in the ketogenic diet. Your doctor, if he has no prior knowledge of the keto diet, might just look it up online to answer your concerns. Speaking to a trained dietician and nutritionist will give you better answers.


If you want to learn about keto-friendly foods, then hopefully this page has come in handy. You should know that the keto diet is great but should only be followed if it’s healthy for you to do so, and for a short period of time. It’s not a diet that you can safely maintain for years at a time.

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