4 Quick Ways to Fight Stress & Anxiety at Work

4 Quick Ways to Fight Stress & Anxiety at Work

Vartika Kashyap 10/09/2019 6

Is work anxiety leaving you stressed? Anxiety at work and stress are inter-related. Opening your own venture, your first job (even if you have a job that you love), your new leadership role, and anything can cause anxiety. At times you may experience panic attacks marked by a sudden rush of intense fear or discomfort that reaches a peak. 

The symptoms include sweating, palpitations, chest pain or discomfort, and fear of losing control. Work anxiety will leave you counting down the minutes until it’s time to leave the work. 

People with anxiety often suffer from time management, productivity, and planning. What could we do about this big-time problem? 

If you are an anxious person like me, I’ve got some ways that can help you fight stress and anxiety. 

1. Communicate with the People Around You

Whenever I feel anxious about deadlines or a task that is taking longer to end, I talk to people in my team or be around them. This is one great move to get rid of anxiety. When I express what’s going on inside me, I am more at peace with myself. In these situations, having a workplace buddy you can talk to can be a boon, with someone you won’t be afraid to communicate about whatever is giving you anxiety. It will help you get through the day.

2. Try Gentle Stretching

When stress affects the brain, the effect is perceived by the body as well. Sometimes I have days of back-to-back conference calls or a milestone to achieve. I feel too much discomfort. At this time, I stretch out a little to manage anxiety at work. 

My favorite exercise is moving eyes around, moving neck and head, easy stretch that relieves tension. Relax by breathing, relax by visualization, stay calm and relax by interrupting your anxious thinking. 

Plan your work to stay calm. 

3. Avoid Triangles

A triangle is created when you speak to a third person about a problem you're having with someone else, it builds up a number of things and stress. Gossiping about coworkers, criticising someone on their back or venting about others will provide temporary relief but it builds up tension and stress. This causes negativity and that brings up anxiety. Work on the conflict by communicating the facts of the situation. Show that you’d like to reach a resolution to create an open and honest workplace. 

4. Set Realistic Deadlines

I know everyone has to deal with tough deadlines. Anxious people are mostly complaining about the deadlines that they cannot meet. So why not in the first place set it realistically. When I set the deadlines on ProofHub, I make sure it can be managed at a manageable pace, making nobody feel anxious about it. See how you can also do it using ProofHub! 

Remember, though anxiety is an unpleasant emotion, you’ve to fight it. How do you do it? What’s your say? 

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  • Maria Travers

    Good tips

  • Dan Ashdown

    Find a better job and a loving life partner

  • Francesco Magliocca

    In my opinion, there are so many better ways to reduce stress with foods, vitamins, herbs etc.

  • Karen Kirk

    This was an eye opener!

  • Matt Parcell

    Sounds GOOD to me!!!!

  • Kyle Reese

    I'm stressing so much that I can faint every moment. Stress makes you feel as if you’re carrying a burden that can’t be set down.

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