Corporate Photography: 4 Reasons Why Any Business Needs Professional Photos

Corporate Photography: 4 Reasons Why Any Business Needs Professional Photos

Anas Bouargane 10/07/2020 1
Corporate Photography: 4 Reasons Why Any Business Needs Professional Photos

Both professionally and personally, most people tend to pay greater attention to the visual aspects of a website or a brochure, rather than its substantive value.

It shouldn’t really be surprising given that great photos simply capture our attention much quicker than even the most cleverly written text.

The importance of accurate and attractive visual representation of not only their products but also the work environment, staff, and corporate culture is becoming increasingly relevant for nearly all companies on the market. In the days of social media, when hundreds of thousands of online actors actively work to win over the attention of the masses, if only for a couple of seconds, the quality and creativity of a picture really matter, especially for up and coming firms.

There is much more to corporate photography than meets the eye – it is not all about sharp pictures of people dressed formally. The most optimal option for most businesses is hiring a photographer who knows what they’re doing; however, if your office is desperate for a quality photoshoot without splashing the cash, anyone can pick up the basics and take some pretty impressive photographs in a very short period. There are plenty of resources online designed with beginners in mind, such as or other classes that will elevate your skills and allow you to be in charge of your company’s next photo op.

Why even bother with elaborate planning and meticulous analysis of these photos? After all, it is the company’s products and services that truly count, right? Well, it is not all that simple. To successfully market anything to a broader audience, esthetics are some of the most fundamentally important factors. Keep on reading to find out more about how professional photos can impact businesses, big and small alike.

Marketing Value

Products and services with esthetically pleasing ads, posters, and other promotional material sell better. That’s a psychological fact. People are drawn to beautiful images and are therefore more likely to buy things promoted by these pictures.

The same logic applies to corporations and their inner dealings. If your organization’s website is void of images and presents itself as a long, thick wall of text, then you’ll probably attract much less attention from prospective clients and employees, regardless of the quality of your products or services. On the other hand, if the photos used to depict your office are over-the-top, disingenuous, or there are simply too many of them, that might send out the wrong message as well. Another common mistake made by companies trying to cut expenses is using low-quality stock photos that are in no way, shape, or form related to their enterprise.

Hiring a professional photographer to spend a day or two around the office and take photos of your employees while they’re working, taking their coffee break and attending meetings can provide you with a solid base of quality photos that can be used to promote your business’s social media profiles and grow its online presence. It will, in turn, result in more prospective customers and clients coming in and help attract more talent to work for you.

Improving Image

Uploading quality, professional photographs of your company’s board members and office workers goes a long way in creating a friendly, down-to-earth image of your business. If people can see who it is exactly that is running or working for the company, they can put a human face onto it. That, in turn, can directly translate into better sales numbers and more interest around the enterprise in general.

No More Gaffes

Getting one of the interns to take pictures for the website or picking any volunteer with a camera to coordinate a corporate photoshoot is common in many smaller businesses, although it really should not be.

It is understandable why managers would opt for that option – it’s much cheaper and doesn’t require negotiating with picky freelance photographers. Besides, it does not alter the office atmosphere by a new person coming in, so you could think that the photos might come out more naturally.

Unfortunately, it does not work that way. While the atmosphere around your workplace might be less tense with one of the team members in charge of taking photos, it does not affect the quality of their pictures. Amateurs do not have the same eye and attentiveness of a professional photographer; therefore, they will put out a much inferior final product. As for the mood, you shouldn’t worry about that too much – a good photographer can make even the gloomiest room look like Disneyland!

Stand Out Among Competitors

Corporate photography is a growing industry – it does not seem like the demand for visual content is going to slow down anytime soon. With companies desperate to put a human face to their business endeavors, photographers should not complain about any shortage of work.

If you’re managing a branch of a global corporation or leading your own small business, do not fall into the trap of trying to save up on photoshoots! It won’t be long before you start seeing yourself fall down in the pecking order, losing potential clients to businesses that were not afraid to splash some cash on a well-established photographer.

Final Thoughts

It might not have been as important just a few decades ago, but with the popularization of all sorts of visual content, companies can no longer sit back and hope that their marketing team will do the job for them. You should not underestimate the importance of quality, professional pictures, and how they can boost your company’s reputation. Businesses have started competing in the online world a long time ago, and if your corporate image is not esthetically pleasing, your business might be hurt by that.

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