Covid-19: Motivational Tactics For Remote Teams

Covid-19: Motivational Tactics For Remote Teams

Vartika Kashyap 23/04/2020 6
Covid-19: Motivational Tactics For Remote Teams

No one can deny the fact that Coronavirus has torn apart our work lives.

Although if I am being perfectly candid here, this pandemic has come with an enormous learning curve. It is time for leaders to suit up to face adversity. Keeping up the morale of your newly formed remote team can be hard but it isn’t impossible. 

And how you get yourself and your company through this COVID-19 outbreak is by keeping your team close. 

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Managing ProofHub, I have learned that nothing works better to drive productivity than the motivation provided by a leader. 

So, at this time where we are all surrounded by nothing but uncertainty, be the voice of reason for your team by doing the following:

"There are three essentials to leadership: humility, clarity, and courage." - Fuchan Yuan

  • The first way would be to have a flexible approach with your team while you set the guideline for work from home. 
  • Secondly, for empathizing with your team all the way, you need to be connected with your team all the time. 
  • Taking time out for group chats and video calls will go a long way if you are looking to pump up your employees. 
  • Acknowledge the fear factors and pressure points. Do this so your team knows you are aware of the distress the world is in.
  • Also, let them know that you are ready to accept them the way they are. Because leaders know when to sacrifice the numbers to save the people.

This is the point in time all leaders come together for the greater good of all and give back to our team and our community. So be there for your team and motivate them in these trying times.

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    I was supposed to start my new job this month but it has been postponed until God knows when because of this mess.....

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