How Perception Creates Reality

How Perception Creates Reality

Huiwen Wu 21/11/2018 7

Our perception of our world and of ourselves is what creates the reality. What does that really mean?

If a person thinks that he is great, that his actions are important, that his actions reveal tremendous light, then they will reveal that much amount of light. But if a person thinks that he is small, that his actions are insignificant, that his actions don’t reveal light or reveal only a limited amount of light, then they will reveal only a limited amount of light.

This is true for both the positive and the negative.

You can’t think that your negative actions have little consequence but your positive actions have great influence - that is a lie; it is impossible!

You are either great, or small.

And we decide, with our own consciousness, whether we are great or small.

This is the question that we should ask ourselves everyday: am I big, or am I small?

If I allow myself to do all kinds of negative things, if I think that a small negative action is not such a big deal, I’m obviously telling myself - I am not so important. If I say to myself, that every small positive action that I do will reveal tremendous light, I must know that every small negative action that I do will reveal tremendous darkness, too.

We affect how much light or darkness our actions reveal, by our perception of ourselves.

To the degree that if I can truly live by that, I will not allow myself to do even the smallest negative action since I know how much tremendous darkness I will reveal because I know how important I am. This perception of ourselves, is what eventually leads us to manifest and to become who we truly are.

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  • Karl Jackson

    Simply incredible !!!!

  • Liam Graham

    Everybody has to read this.

  • Eric Hargreaves

    Pure elevation.......

  • Robert Mullen

    Great article

  • Nathan Ingram

    Thank you so much for this beautiful message

  • Eric Palmer

    I appreciate the motivation you bring

  • Lucie Woodward

    I hope people can put it into practice more often.

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