How to Apply for Social Security Disability Stress-Free

How to Apply for Social Security Disability Stress-Free

Daniel Hall 04/03/2021 3
How to Apply for Social Security Disability Stress-Free

Anyone can sustain an injury or develop a condition that renders them disabled at any point in their life, yet most people have no short- or long-term disability insurance. 

Social Disability

If you suffer from a mishap that leaves you unable to carry out your work duties, you could be eligible for monthly benefits provided by the Social Security Administration (SSA). Unfortunately, it can sometimes be hard to have your request for disability insurance be accepted. Read on to learn how to apply for social security disability in a relatively stress-free manner. 

What Is Social Security Disability?

Social Security Disability Insurance is a monthly benefit paid to anyone who is unable to work for a year or more because of a disability. They continue to receive benefits until they recover from their disability or illness and are able to go back to work again. There are also special benefits that exist called “work incentives” that can provide healthcare and services to help them adapt at work. If you reach retirement age while you are receiving the insurance, it automatically transfers to retirement benefits but remains the same monetary amount. 

Ensure You Fit the Conditions

The first thing to do when applying for disability insurance is to make sure you meet all the needed requirements. You must have worked a job that was covered by Social Security for a long enough period of time. You also must have worked this job recently to qualify for the insurance. Furthermore, you have to be considered disabled by the Social Security Administration’s standards. Conditions that make someone eligible for compensation include arthritis, cancer, back problems, carpal tunnel syndrome, diabetes, heart disease, lung disease, and lupus among other disorders. 

Calculate Your Work Credits

In order to know if you are permitted to receive Social Security Disability, you must also calculate your work credits to make sure they are sufficient. These credits are based on your yearly wages with a total of up to 4 credits earned each year. In 2021, you receive one work credit for every 1,470 dollars in wages you make. You typically need 40 credits, with at least 20 of them accomplished within the past 10 years, to be able to qualify for the insurance. However, younger workers may be eligible with a smaller number of credits. 

Find an Attorney to Help You

If you are feeling overwhelmed or are struggling to make sense of the process, don’t hesitate to turn to a legal expert for help. California-based lawyers at explain that you can eliminate most of the stress and hassle by consulting an attorney to help you apply for social security disability. Lawyers who are specialized in this area understand the system and how to make sure your application is accepted. Your attorney can help you prove to the Social Security Administration that you are unable to continue working due to your disability and that you are more than qualified for the compensation. 

Check If You Qualify for Special Situations

When you are applying for Social Security, you should check if you qualify for some situations that are considered exceptional by the SSA. For example, if you are legally blind or have a poor vision you may be eligible for the insurance. A person is considered legally blind if their vision cannot improve beyond 20/200 or if their visual field is 20 degrees less than normal, even when utilizing a lens. Other special circumstances include if you were injured at war or are a war veteran, if you are a child who is disabled, or if your husband or wife have passed and you aren’t employed but they are eligible for insurance. 

Apply Online

An easy way to submit your Disability Insurance is through the SSA’s online application. To apply online, you’ll need to submit several reports and forms, then mail them to your nearest Social Security office. You’ll need information such as your social security number, direct deposit numbers, and documents such as your citizenship status, work history, and current earnings, among others, in order to successfully complete your application. Applying online can have several benefits such as not needing to wait for an appointment, the convenience of applying from home, and avoiding trips to the Social Security office which costs you time and money. 


Since the criteria for being accepted for Disability Insurance are quite complicated, you need to know the exact steps to take and what the process entails to improve your chances of qualifying. Refer to this guide for the answers you need concerning your application process. When in doubt, always consult a specialized lawyer. After all, when you are already suffering mentally or physically from a disability, you’ll want the procedure to be as streamlined and carefree as possible, and a lawyer can make this happen.

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