How To Deal With A Remote Team That Has Become Restless

How To Deal With A Remote Team That Has Become Restless

Vartika Kashyap 28/04/2020 7
How To Deal With A Remote Team That Has Become Restless

People might think that remote work mandated due to the coronavirus outbreak is a goldmine for people who feel restricted by work hours and look for a flexible workspace.

And while it is saving your team big bucks on gas money, and helping the environment, remote work might also be causing your employees to suffer. 

This is because a week seemed like a vacation but we now seem to be gearing up for what seems like months. I have narrowed down the reasons for why your employees are getting restless after weeks of quarantine.

#1 The Problem Of No Set Schedule

The first step of going remote is to set guidelines that are strict enough to maintain productivity and flexible enough so that no one has trouble following them. Break the cycle of losing sleep and not getting enough done by scheduling everything. Set deadlines for all your tasks and define time slots for breaks and exercise.

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#2 The Dilemma Of Deriving Motivation

At the office, an employee’s self-worth mainly comes from what the people around them think of their work. It’s liberating to work without supervision but after a while, your team will realize that there is no source of motivation in sight. The only solution to this problem is constant communication through quick back and forth chatting and scheduled video calls. 

#3 The Headache Of Uncertainty

What’s really making your team anxious is not knowing. Not knowing when this will end, not knowing when they will be able to head back to working at the office and not knowing when they will finally feel safe. And for this, all you need to do is be in contact with your team and pay attention to inclusivity, and most importantly, try to provide them as much flexibility as you can.

Managing ProofHub through the phase of remote work, I know this is a very sensitive time for employees. Above all, imparting the feeling that your team has a shared goal to look forward to is the main duty of a leader in adversity. 

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  • Marie Gilchrist

    It's so hard to deal with when every single co-worker is lazy

  • Harry Taylor

    Good stuff

  • Daniel Waterhouse

    I just want to punch unproductive people

  • Shane Jones

    So useful, cheers !

  • Adam Stevens

    There are too many deadwoods in my team

  • Martin Yates

    I really like working from home.... It's so cozy and convenient... I am productive and spend more time with my kids....

  • Phil Hayman

    Great article

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