On Going Extreme

On Going Extreme

Huiwen Wu 20/12/2018 7

Going extreme is oftentimes an easy way out. 

In Hebrew, the word me’od means ‘very’, but it also looks like the word mot, which means ‘death’. Whenever we become extreme, we are out of balance and we bring chaos into our lives.

This is also true for spirituality.

It is very easy to go completely spiritual; it is also very easy to stay completely non-spiritual. The hard thing, is to find a place in-between.

That is, to live spiritually in a non-spiritual world.


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  • Amanda Holdom

    Mountains are peaceful places to be in this extremely chaotic world.

  • Jake Walker

    Short and to the point

  • Gary Kalafusz

    I don't believe in spirituality !

  • Mark Gilbert

    This is a difficult balance to make.....

  • Andrew Jenkin

    Wonderful spiritual perspective presented in easily understandable way.. thank you

  • Simon Stuart

    Beautiful message

  • Jennifer Baker

    You nailed it !

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