Taking Human Rights Mission into Her Own Hands

Taking Human Rights Mission into Her Own Hands

Parul Agrawal 18/07/2020 3
Taking Human Rights Mission into Her Own Hands

The stars align for those who believe in the strength of a dream. ––ROYA 

I recently became familiar with Elnaz Moghangard and her inspiring work as a human rights activist. He debut novel “Roya” is a coming-of-age story about a young Iranian-American woman confronting the shadows of her past in search of lion-hearted strength and the pursuit of dreams. As an Iranian-American woman, Elnaz sees the merging of these two identities as one of her greatest strengths to bridge worlds. 

As the Founder of Millennial Nomad LLC and “MN Coming Alive Series” Podcast––a creative empowerment movement and podcast capturing the voice of the "wandering generation,” Elnaz is dedicated to empowering likeminded peers with the power of storytelling and empathy. Her mission is clearly her passion in inciting change and understanding of human rights through all levels of communication. 

“I refer to myself as a human connector, because throughout my various pursuits, I have been responsible for communicating a narrative. My middle school career test told me I'd be a "basket weaver." I can see why now. My greatest strength is looking for details, finding the patterns, and weaving them together for the bigger picture. I want to use the power of communication towards advocacy and positive, social impact,” explains Elnaz. 

Take a closer look at this empowering interview with inspiring Author and Human Rights Activist Elnaz Moghangard. 

What are Some of the Most Interesting or Exciting Projects you are Working on Now? 

I recently shifted my Millennial Nomaad interviews into podcast form with a new series called “MN Coming Alive” where I interview young visionaries about 180 life shifts, inner transformation, and the pursuit of dreams. These are conducted in a conversational and dynamic style. That human connection, especially during quarantine due to Covid-19, has been fulfilling for me. I am also continuing to promote my novel Roya and working on some derivative works related to my novel. Excited to share those in the near future! 

What are Some of the Most Interesting Cases or Projects You have been Involved in? 

When I was interning with the National Network to End Domestic Violence, we were working on a guide to help judges better understand digital forms of evidence in courts since we live in the technology age. I was able to participate in a meeting at a table with judges from across the United States. We simulated different case scenarios and discussed the various kinds of digital evidence that may be used. The judges were all so kind, and I’m so grateful my supervisor let me be involved with that session. I was just an intern, but they treated me with equal respect. Another time, I was sent to represent NNEDV at a meeting with the FTC. It was a small meeting room with people from various industries and organizations. At one point, I turned around and realized Mr. Ralph Nader was sitting behind me. It felt so surreal to be in that space. 

Who is a Public Figure that Inspires You? 

I have tremendous respect for Oprah. Her journey, her wide range of media endeavors, and the way she conducts her interviews are so impressive. She represents empowerment in so many forms, and I love that she effortlessly is able to make her audience think and reflect on a diverse range of topics. I also really admire the Bollywood actor, Shah Rukh Khan. I obviously don’t know much about him as a person, but I think what stands out is his ability to convey emotion and charisma through every character. I’ve watched many of his interviews as well. He just seems like someone who invests 100% dedication in each project he cares about, and I respect that in a professional and artist. 

What Advice Would you Give to a Young Person Considering a Career in Law? 

I would say intern before you attend law school, meet with lawyers in different fields, and make an informed decision to attend. Law school will challenge you in many ways and is great for anyone who is serious about it. But, just because one can do well as a lawyer doesn’t mean the career path is for everyone. With any career, I think those that want to become lawyers should pursue it because that is what they envision for themselves. I also want to emphasize that there are many different types of lawyers and alternative ways to use a law degree overall. Anyone considering the field should do their research and know what options are available to them. Being a lawyer isn’t only what we see on television.  

If You Could Make Reforms in our Judicial/Legal System, What would you Start with? Why? 

Education and accessibility! I feel like everyone should be taught a basic understanding of the legal and judicial system at the minimum. Everyone should know their rights and the layers of ambiguity that arise when applying those rights. Knowledge is so empowering, and I think we need to help people understand how these systems work and what their role is. Also, accessibility to legal resources is key. There are many ways to receive legal services, but it’s so difficult to find that information. Some people don’t even know where to begin. To be honest, I didn’t either before I attended law school. Anything we don’t understand can be so intimidating. I’d like to encourage the use of more plain language when discussing law, so that more people can understand what is being said and to make legal aid more accessible to those who need it. 

How Have you Used your Success to Bring Goodness to the World? 

Success is an ambiguous word. I feel that I still have much to accomplish when it comes to my career. I don’t have a huge platform just yet. But, with the platform I do have, I try to promote social causes I care about and to encourage understanding and open dialogue. I am a big believer that we all have much to learn from one another. I like to collect and share stories as a way to help bring people together and to promote compassion. In my opinion, my biggest success so far has been my commitment to live a life that is true to me. I hope that by doing so, I can help inspire others rather than lecture them. I don’t have all the answers, and no one likes to be lectured. But, I try my best to treat people with respect, to take responsibility in learning more about things I 

don’t understand, and to create a space in which people can feel empowered. I hope that small, daily actions like that bring goodness to the world.  

What Do you Wish you Knew before Attending Law School? 

That you should find a method or process that works for you as a student and professional. There can be a pressure in law school to conduct yourself in a certain way or to learn in a way that those around you are. But, there are different learning styles or paths available. A big part of success is trying out different methods and determining for ourselves what is right for us. 

How Do People Reach out to You?

My book Roya is available on Amazon and various other outlets and my website is www.millennialnomaad.com


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