Temporary Structure Solution for Allowing Social Distancing in UK Schools

Temporary Structure Solution for Allowing Social Distancing in UK Schools

Anas Bouargane 01/07/2020 3
Temporary Structure Solution for Allowing Social Distancing in UK Schools

According to the UK government, schools will resume classes before the end of summer.

But with the 1.5-meter social distancing being the new normal to curb the spread of COVID-19, UK schools have no option other than to do something. Before reopening, the schools must create extra space to allow social distancing inside the institutions. 

Temporary classrooms are the perfect solution in this case. According to experts in these structures, schools have the option to pre-order custom-made classrooms or buy modular classrooms if the available space allows it. Here is what every school should know and understand.

Temporary Classrooms

The proper distancing of pupil desks will require as much as twice the current space in schools. The current challenge is that some schools do not have enough space to create extra classrooms. Fortunately, temporary space solution providers such as Smart Space have turnkey solutions for such schools. As the leading temporary structure builders in the UK, their custom-made options can fit in hidden corners and hard to reach spaces to convert every possible space into a classroom. 

You can contact the Smart Space experts for more information or to get a quote for your school space needs. There are numerous benefits to using professional experts, but the most important advantages at the moment include saving time, money, and preventing the spread of the coronavirus. 

In addition to extra space, temporary classrooms that ensure social distancing also contain other solutions such as glass dividers, which can stop infected droplets from flying from one student to another. Additionally, they will offer enough ventilation to enable the free circulation of air. 

Temporary Halls and Libraries

Although group meals and other group activities in schools are highly discouraged to ensure adequate social distancing, schools might need extra halls for sports or any other unavoidable gathering. To reduce congestion, those with sufficient property can take advantage of temporary halls and libraries made of steel frames and canvas covers. Just like the classrooms, they are also affordable and fast to erect compared to permanent structures. 

The good thing is that schools can rent such structures to use until the end of the pandemic. Even if a school buys the structures to allow social distancing, their versatility will make them useful after the pandemic too. 

Temporary Offices 

Teachers and non-teaching employees in the schools will need to comply with social distancing measures as well. In many cases, schools in the UK will have to add extra offices. Temporary offices are ideal solutions for UK schools. Like the other structures, custom-made options are the best because they suit the needs of a particular school. However, modular school offices are faster to make and cheaper. 

Temporary offices made to curb the spread of COVID-19 by allowing social distancing come with glass dividers, internet-cabling spaces, natural light, and ventilation among other features. They are also versatile like most other temporary structures. Hence, they may be converted into classroom spaces when there is a need.

Temporary Structures for Laboratories and Research Centers

UK colleges and universities conduct a lot of research. As soon as the schools reopen, there might be numerous pending research projects to be completed. To ensure that there is social distancing, many of them will need to consider extra space in their research centers. 

Temporary structures are excellent and affordable options for such institutions. They are customized to meet needs such as air conditioning and ventilation, spread-out workstations, glass partitions, drainage, internet wiring, electricity, and lighting among other features. They are also made so that they can be dismantled and redesigned for other uses. Although expanding labs and research centers might not be a government requirement like the changes for classrooms and study halls, it is consistent with requirements that enable social distancing in schools. 

Temporary Storage Rooms

Although this might not be a priority in UK schools, any that would like to expand their current storage areas should consider temporary solutions. Actually, it is a possible need since schools have to add facilities and equipment that will be required during the duration of the pandemic. Turnkey solutions offered by experts make it possible to expand any storage facility to the required size. 

Final Word

It is clear that UK schools must follow strict government measures consistent with proper social distancing. It is the only way schools can reopen safely. However, there are many additional proposed solutions to consider such as attending school in separate shifts, washing hands, and online learning among others.

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  • Chris Pointer

    Schools shouldn't reopen this summer !!

  • Paul B

    Online learning didn't work... That's why people are desperate to go back to school...

  • Steve Middleton

    Thoughtful read

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