Who Do You Need to be in 2021 to Achieve your Goals?

Who Do You Need to be in 2021 to Achieve your Goals?

Broadus Palmer 06/01/2021 5
Who Do You Need to be in 2021 to Achieve your Goals?

In 2016 if you ask me anything about technology I would have looked at you like you were crazy!

I never knew that later on I would get into an industry that would be life changing for me.

Having a vision for my goals and sharing them with people I quickly realize that some did not have the capacity to see the vision I had.

This is the same for you, people in your life right now may not be able to see your vision. But, you don’t live life through their eyes.

You don’t have to settle because you don’t know.

You just have to give yourself permission to be successful.

A few things that helped me on my journey.

I knew that hard work and grit was required.

I had to realize that I was just as smart as anyone else.

I had to find my "why"! Who was I doing this for?

I had to stick to the process to see my vision through!

Don’t get caught up on failure, that is inevitable!

Focus on the goal!

What are you here to do? 

Who do you need to be in 2021 to achieve your goals?

This is a question that many of us need to ask ourselves!

To be honest, here are a few questions.

1) Who do I need to be to achieve this goal?
2) How am I going to execute my strategy?
3) Who do I need to connect with to help me achieve my goals?

Those 3 questions answered will help you get to the next level!

While some of us are still trying to figure that out.

Here is a video to help guide you a little!


Level Up In Tech that is what we are here to do!

My story, your story can be the same or different.

But one thing I know is, how to get there!

I would love to connect with you on yours and give you as much value as possible!

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  • Christopher Larson

    I want to achieve more this year.

  • Eugene F

    Thanks for the motivation

  • Michael Watkins

    I want to increase my salary in 2021 and diversify my sources of income.

  • Simon Vosper

    In reply to: Michael Watkins

    Speak with your manager to get a pay raise or apply for other jobs. Take some side gigs on UpWork or People Per Hour.

  • Damian Lokietek

    It's all about focus !

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Broadus Palmer

Career Expert

As a Cloud Career Coach, Broadus is currently a LinkedIn Top Voice for 2020, has been featured in Entrepreneur and Business Insider. He is committed to helping individuals who are strongly focused on changing their lives. Serving as the founder of Level Up In Tech, Broadus combines passion with his “Banker to Engineer” experience to mentor others through his program as they advance and transition to careers within the cloud industry. Although Broadus is changing lives indirectly through his popular and motivational content across multiple platforms, he firmly believes in the power of one-on-one Cloud Career Coaching. Now highly regarded as a pillar of the cloud community, Broadus tirelessly works to restore the collective faith of self-belief with his “can-do” attitude. Along with mindset-development aimed to level-up motivation, his hands-on coaching uses the industry’s hottest tools and skills to get the job done. 

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