You Can Increase Work Efficiency In A Bar By Implementing These New Technologies

You Can Increase Work Efficiency In A Bar By Implementing These New Technologies

Daniel Hall 24/07/2022
You Can Increase Work Efficiency In A Bar By Implementing These New Technologies

Staff, employers, and customers like it when things run smoothly.

In a bar where a few people are tending to the needs of many, this is even more important. The following will explore a few things that you can do to help improve work efficiency in a bar. Special emphasis will be placed on technological aids, but some non-tech options will be presented as well.


Wifi Password

If you offer free wifi to your customers, one easy thing you can do to help improve efficiency is to post the wifi name and password. Make sure that the writing is clearly visible, and post it a few times if the space is big enough that someone might not see it. This will help avoid people running up to the bar to ask for the password, which can leave your bar tenders more time to take and make orders and maintain the bar.

While you’re at it, make sure that the name and password are relatively easy for a person to use. If it’s a complicated list of random letters and words, there’s a much higher chance that people are going to struggle and need help from your staff to get online.

If you don’t offer free wifi to your customers, you still need a post with a wifi qr code generator. Put up a sign that states clearly that there’s no wifi available. This can also help reduce the wasting of your staff’s time as they won’t have to constantly explain to people that wifi isn’t available.

Point Of Sale System

Part of taking orders involves entering purchases and accepting payments. If you’ve got an outdated system or an analogy system, this process is likely going to be slower than it needs to be. A retail POS system can help streamline the process of taking orders and processing payments; if people are entering prices manually, precious time is wasted. If you have a large establishment or multiple staff working, you can seek out a system that allows you to enter orders by the table, which can dramatically improve efficiency.

If you have a card processing system that can be carried to tables or benches, this makes accepting payments easier for staff. It also supports your customers as not everyone has an easy time moving about.

Employee Satisfaction


Staff that are happy where tend to work harder and more cheerfully. This can, in turn, create an environment where things run smoothly, and customers are happy. As a bonus, it will also reduce employee turnover, which can radically improve efficiency as you have experienced staff working regularly and you need to spend less time training newcomers.

While every business is different, some common things you can do to improve employee satisfaction include reducing pointless inefficiencies, encouraging pleasant socialization among staff members, and presenting staff with healthy options for food and drinks. You can also create an atmosphere that supports variety and growth. Finally, avoiding micromanaging can be one of the most effective ways to increase employee satisfaction. It’s really hard to do good work at a decent speed when you have someone watching over your shoulder, eagerly waiting for a point to jump in and make a correction, particularly when the task is something simple like loading a dishwasher.

Keep The Environment Relaxed

A relaxed environment is one without unnecessary stress. When people are anxious, it’s easier for them to trip up and make mistakes that slow things down. Learn a little bit about environmental psychology and make chances that encourage calm. This can involve altering the color scheme, including more natural materials, and keeping plants in your bar. You also want to ensure that staff feels safe at all times, which, in a bar, is harder than in other environments as alcohol can make people more aggressive or troublesome. Making sure you have adequate security is vital if you want things to run smoothly in a bar. It’s also your legal responsibility to provide a safe working environment for your staff. If you have someone handling security, customers and staff will feel safer.

The above information can help you cultivate more efficiency in your bar. It’s important to note that this isn’t something you address once and then ignore. You need to regularly revisit the concept of optimizing workflow and making changes as needed. It’s also a good idea to ask your staff about what could make their day more smooth. Often staff will point out small things like keeping the receipt paper refills closer to the cash register that can make a big difference in the ease of their work.

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