Sonali Hirave Tech Guru

Sonali is the Co-founder of Gliterd Software, which provides Martech tool Yeello for SMEs to grow their online business. She is passionate about Marketing Technology (Martech) & has more than 2+ years of professional experience as a designer & digital marketer. Sonali is pursuing her masters in Computer Science from Pune University.


The Power of Push Notifications

Browser push notifications are the perfect addition to your digital marketing campaign. They literally get your message on a phone, tablet or computer screen instantaneously. It is the hottest technique in digital marketing to get your target audience easily on your website.


Virtual Reality is the Future of Marketing

Virtual Reality (VR) has taken a prominent place over the past few years redefining the way we are experiencing the things that we see. Technological innovations continue to impact the digital marketing sphere, and one of the most exciting tools to enter the landscape is virtual reality. Although the use of VR in digital marketing hasn't gone mainstream yet, some brands are experimenting with this technology to create engaging and more personalised experiences for their customers.


How to Improve your Website's Ranking

Search engine optimization (SEO) is an essential part of developing and sustaining any online business. A good SEO strategy not only affects how many people arrive at your site, but also your ranking on the search engine results pages such as Google, Yahoo and Bing, as well as your reputation on the Internet.