3D Sound: The Next Big Frontier for Virtual Reality

3D Sound: The Next Big Frontier for Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is a technology that gives people a realistic view of images and videos. Now with 3D audio, virtual reality is moving on to providing realistic sounds of songs and other audios for an audio experience like never before.

Technology is evolving at an astonishing speed and industries are welcoming the changes that it is bringing with itself. 3D images and videos have been around us for quite a while now, and these innovations continually try to render images that are almost similar to objects in real life. Organizations that are pioneers in the field of marketing and development of games, leverage these technologies to develop applications that help people in several ways. Virtual reality is a technology that allows in portraying a user’s real-life view through a computer-generated view. This composite picture gives the user a feeling of being at that location without the need to be present there physically. The technology focuses on simulating different experiences for a user. VR is useful for several applications; right from being used to train pilots to fly fighter jets to educating drivers on how to drive safely. VR has been helpful in the healthcare industry too, by providing functionalities that transform how surgeries take place. VR is considered to be a technology that immerses its user in a composite world created on its system. The environment created with VR seems to be complete, but if it has a 3D audio support then it can completely submerge a user in its environment.

With 3D audio, users can explore the objects moving around them and can quickly determine the direction from which the sound is coming and its source. There are audio cues that support current VR systems, but these systems are not up to the mark as they are not capable of making a user feel completely immersed in the environment created by their developers. With 3D audio, brain collaborates comfortably with the simulations around, as the sounds are authentic enough to cooperate with the mind to bring the user into its fictional world.

3D Audio for the Gaming Industry

3D gaming using VR headsets has become an application that has brought drastic transformations. With VR entering the gaming industry, gamers are playing games with the ability to view and be present in an environment that has been curated for them. With the assistance of 3D audio, a gamer’s experience can improve by having a 3D view of her game; if the gamer has the support of 3D sound, she can experience how her team members are playing and who is standing next to them on the battleground by listening to their footsteps. But even without a VR headset, there are soundbars below 400 that gamers can use to experience immersive 3D sound.

3D Audio for the Marketing Industry

VR is a technology that has numerous applications. One of the several applications lies in the marketing industry as companies want their users to extensively experience how their products would look like under certain situations. Even though marketing industry is leveraging several technologies, with such 3D images, users get a view of where their products would be placed at their workplace. With 3D audio, marketers are further focusing on boosting the immersive characteristics of these devices.

3D audio is a powerful application that can help several other industries. Industry pioneers should now focus on how they can leverage this innovation to increase sales and improve customer experience continually. Companies should also focus on how they can update their current systems to align to such innovations in the field of VR.

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  • Sam Schuerman

    3D sound is the next big step for virtual reality

  • Georgia Elizabeth

    3D audio engages the listener by offering a spatial bearing that enables them to sense where they are relative to the noises around them.

  • Tyler Florio

    By inserting 3D sound, new spatial information is introduced to the virtual experience, enabling audiences to sense things happening behind them, or elsewhere in their virtual environment, completely independent of their eyes.

  • Angelica Francesconi

    3D sound is expected to revolutionise our standard for multimedia listening.

  • Luke Vallance

    The premise of VR is to create an alternate reality, but without the right audio cues to match the visuals, the brain doesn't buy into the illusion.

  • Isaac Mearns

    3D sound is best created on a rendering engine that's capable of attaching sound to objects as they move through the setting.

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