Best Online Bachelors Cyber Security Degrees

Best Online Bachelors Cyber Security Degrees

Noah Rue 23/06/2022
Best Online Bachelors Cyber Security Degrees

Cyberthreats have accelerated in recent years. Choosing the right degree can help you develop awareness of core aspects of cybersecurity.

One of the most appealing things about obtaining a bachelor's degree in cyber security is the variety of options available for specialties within the field.

There are numerous options to choose from to fit both your interests and skill set. Not only will you learn a lot with one of the degrees available, but you will also be a vital component of a company’s technology team once you begin working in the field. 

You can narrow down your degree to something as specialized as focusing on learning about cloud security or you can study a broader area such as computer hardware engineering and merge both fields. Regardless of the degree you choose, this field is rapidly growing and there will be plenty of future job options after obtaining your degree.

Degree Option #1: Computer Programming


A degree in computer programming is an excellent option for someone looking to learn not only how coding works but also being able to write their coding programming language as well as predict and solve how hackers break down code. Understanding the programming behind the scenes is a vital skill that is in high demand in this field. Knowing the common coding languages, as well as learning the newer languages is a key component when pursuing this degree.  

This degree is versatile in that it not only gives you the skills needed to troubleshoot, but also teaches you how to protect networks against hackers while being able to write your new code in the process. Because different coding languages serve different purposes and have different levels of efficiency, it is helpful to know the main languages as well as have an understanding of how and why they were developed. 

Degree Option #2: Computer Hardware Engineering  

Do you like to tinker? Do you enjoy taking things apart and then figuring out how to put them back together? Pursuing a degree in computer hardware engineering allows you to merge the interests of working with computers while also understanding how the actual physical computer works as well for the best of both worlds. Computers are constantly evolving and are often in need of repair, so gaining a degree that allows you to troubleshoot potential hardware and software problems is a huge asset for potential future employers.

You will not only learn the technical skills needed to understand computer programming and software, but you will also learn the electrical skills needed to take apart and put together different computer systems. This is a great option for individuals who want more of a hands-on option for their future job. 

Degree Option #3: Network Administration


If you are someone that likes to solve problems, provide support to colleagues, and have a broad skill set with an understanding of what happens with a system's network daily then pursuing a degree in network administration would be a good fit for you.

When studying to become a network admin within the field of cyber security, you will learn about both the hardware and software and how they both work. Not only that, but you will also learn how to troubleshoot and provide support to network users. You will learn how to work with an incident response team to problem-solve any intrusion concerns.

Unlike other degrees in cyber security where you are likely working in a more remote or individualized setting, working as a network admin is a great career for someone who enjoys working with others. 

Degree Option #4: Computer Forensics

Obtaining a degree in computer forensics is the perfect fit for someone interested in both the law and computer science fields as well as someone that has an interest in helping to solve criminal cases. While studying computer forensics, you will gain knowledge about how to both preserve and recover data as well as how to analyze data from different media formats within a company. 

You may even be called into a court case if a company or organization ever has a data leak and needs evidence to support their case. If you enjoy researching and solving puzzles and criminal cases, computer forensics would be a good fit for your degree in cyber security. Working towards a degree in computer forensics is one of the more exciting options in the world of cyber security jobs. 

Degree Option #5: Incident Response

This degree tells you exactly what you will learn, which is how to respond to hacking and security breach incidents. When earning a degree in cyber security specializing in incident response, you will learn the basics of coding and software as well as the numerous ways that hackers gain access to data. The majority of companies have an incident response team specifically designed to work with this type of data and it is a rapidly growing component in the cyber security industry. 

When earning a cyber security degree that specializes in incident response management, you will not only be learning about the technical aspects of a hacking incident but also learning how to communicate with colleagues and team members to work together. 

When researching your different options available for earning a degree in cyber security, remember that the majority of bachelor’s degrees require a four-year commitment likely with an internship component as well.  Many companies also require specific certifications when applying for future job opportunities so it is important to keep that in mind as well. 


Due to the rapidly growing and adapting field, new courses may be added to your degree so it is helpful to work with an advisor as you are working to meet the requirements of the degree. Taking time to research the different online bachelor's cyber security degrees available will help you find the right fit for your interests. Whether you pursue a more specialized degree in cyber security or stick with a broader option in computer science, you will likely have numerous job opportunities available to you once you graduate. 

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