4 Google Chrome Extensions to Increase your Productivity as a Digital Marketer

4 Google Chrome Extensions to Increase your Productivity as a Digital Marketer

Roshni Dhal 11/12/2017 12

We all want to boost our efficiency and enjoy a better work life balance, but it’s the time when we’re busiest that productivity proves the most elusive. We often get distracted by social media notifications. In this article, the main objective is to make you feel much more productive. I am sure you will like these simple hacks.

We know that inefficiency in the workplace affects our objectives and ultimately, our bottom line. Boosting your productivity at work is all about implementing time saving practices that will help you achieve more while working less. It’s not about rushing through your work or adding more to your to-do list. In fact, doing these things will likely have the opposite effect in the long term. As well as boosting your own productivity, you also need to help your colleagues make the most of their time in the office too. 

Here is a list of 4 extensions that will help you to streamline your work/life balance without burning anybody out:

(1) Facebook Newsfeed Eradicator – Well this one is a must have for every Internet Marketer. You really want to avoid those Timeline laurels believe me. Nothing wastes more time than our curiosity of peeking in someone’s life.

Purpose – To disable Facebook Newsfeed in your Browser app

Mandate – This would work only if you delete your Facebook Mobiel App as well. If you don’t then the curiosity would just transfer to your mobile phone but would not really work

(2) ColorZilla – This one is for all the Web Developers and Marketers who have to deal with Design in any format. Normally we try to see a colour online, have a feel of it and then create something similar.. In the process it’s always hard to get the same colour manually, so Colorzilla helps to pick colour codes from any webpage instantly.

Purpose – To pick colour codes more accurately and ease the process

(3) EmojiPedia – Most of the Internet savvy peeps love Emojis, so it makes sense to use Emojis in our Copywriting. It does make an impact and people are more likely to read our content. But the challenge we get on the Desktop is we don’t have an Emoji Keyboard & it’s hard to remember all the Symbols. A great alternative is EmojiPedia – it’s a great alternative to Emoji Keyboard on the Desktop.

Purpose – To use Emojis effectively in our Copywriting

(4) Pocket – This one is my favourite of all. Most of times we see an Advert or a blog post which is really good but we are in a hurry of something. In the process, we miss out on the best of the web and never get a chance to find it again. So to avoid this, it’s best to bookmark that best of best.

The little Tweak which I implemented for my Pocket is that I have connected it to Zapier, and everytime I make a bookmark with the tag curate in Pocket Chrome Extension, it automatically creates a new thread in my Trello Board.

This helps me to have a collection of best to look at even when I am in a rush....

Purpose – To get the best out of each piece of content on Internet by bookmarking and making a Vault out of that.

I use the above extensions day in and day out to enhance my productivity.

So what are your daily hacks to boost your productivity, do you mind sharing in the comments below?


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  • William Hollis

    Here are my 4 tips:
    1. Eliminate interruptions
    2. Get organised and stop multi-tasking
    3. Plan your day in advance
    4. Turn off the internet

  • Nathan Collins

    In reply to: William Hollis

    Turning off the Internet cannot be done, because what if the daily work involves internet ?? Instead of turning off internet, we can just put off social media sites that cause a lot of distractions.

  • Rony P

    Very helpful.....

  • Erick D

    I really want to avoid using social media while I'm at work. Now it's time to stop using Facebook!

  • Oliver White

    Good tips from a well spoken digital marketer. This was a very helpful article.

  • Shabi Amir

    Great tips actually

  • Yasuo Satō

    I turn off my phone to boost my productivity, plain and simple ;)

  • Amaan Sajid

    There is a reason why wealthy people are rarely on the internet. They are focused on their objectives and are rarely distracted.

  • Zoe Mehmmet

    Great recommendations!

  • Cynthia N

    People have asked me the same question for years. I just never knew how to explain my process except to just stop talking to friends and family while at work and keep focused on major goals

  • Amy Lin JY

    Awesome tips. I only wish I didn't have much trouble when it comes to organizing and planning my day

  • Jennifer Nichole

    Liked and favorited...thanks for the tips!

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Roshni Dhal

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Roshni is the cofounder of HighOn M, a digital marketing consulting firm that helps SMEs & MNCs to grow their business using various digital marketing methods. She is a renown Internet Entrepreneur who has helped 20+ major brands improve their online marketing management. She has featured on the LinkedIn Top 15 Voices of India 2016. Roshni holds a bachelor's degree in Commerce from P.G.D.A.V. College. 


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