7 Ways to Increase The Reach of Your LinkedIn Company Page: Proven Hacks to Grow Your Brand and Followers

7 Ways to Increase The Reach of Your LinkedIn Company Page: Proven Hacks to Grow Your Brand and Followers

Hardik Lashkari 06/04/2021 10
7 Ways to Increase The Reach of Your LinkedIn Company Page: Proven Hacks to Grow Your Brand and Followers

LinkedIn is one of the best social networks to build trust and generate leads. 

LinkedIn Company Page

According to a recent survey, LinkedIn company pages are dead — at least 45% of people say so.

Also, 18% of people don’t even care about a company page.

As we’re approaching H2H (human to human) marketing, the need for company branding has dimmed.

However, if you’re a marketer or even a business owner, you can't ignore any marketing channel. Leads and opportunities can land from anywhere.

LinkedIn alone contributes 46% of the total social media traffic that visits B2B company sites.

LinkedIn company pages can drive insane traffic to your website (and inbound leads to your message box!).

It’s not only possible but achievable also. It requires consistent efforts, a well-crafted marketing strategy, and a well-optimized LinkedIn company page.

Before we discover 7 magical ways of getting to 1,000 followers at an ultrafast pace, here are the initial steps to complete your LinkedIn company page and optimize it for SEO purposes (LinkedIn company pages rank in the Google search results):

  • Insert a tagline in 120 characters. Include the keywords you would like to get ranked for
  • Add a custom call-to-action button to drive traffic to your website, landing page or personal profile
  • Write the description in 2,000 characters. Create a story and emphasize on how you help your clients or customers by solving their pain points (LinkedIn suggests a 6-step framework to write a strong ‘About’ section)
  • Upload your logo. The standard size is 300 x 300 pixels
  • Upload a background cover photo that describes your offerings in a nutshell. LinkedIn recommends 1536 x 768 pixels as the banner size
  • Add other details like size, industry, and specialties. You can get 30% more views if you fill the complete information
  • Encourage your employees to cite your company in their professional experience section

Now we are all set — the page is ready — information is well-placed — the call-to-action button is all geared up for the clicks and hits.


Here are the 7 tried and tested ways that can increase the reach of your LinkedIn's company page in very little time:

1- Use Your Personal Brand to Gain Followers For Your LinkedIn Company Page

People prefer to work with people, not companies — this isn’t cliche. If you have accumulated loyal followers and connections on your personal profile because of a sound personal brand, you can leverage it to increase followers on the LinkedIn company page as well.

While posting from my personal account, I occasionally mention the company page in the post. Since my posts get good engagement and views, people click on the company page, check out the recent activities, and follow it to stay updated.

Hardik Lashkari

I would recommend not to overdo it — use the company page name subtly to talk about your services or products, company culture, or any interesting experience related to the company without spamming.

2 - Add Community Hashtags and Then Comment on Trending Posts

LinkedIn allows you to add up to 3 hashtags on the topics relevant to your business. Once you add them, you’ll get daily notification of the trending posts in these hashtags. Comment from the company page and captivate your audience’s attention.

To add the hashtags, go to your company page. On the right-hand side, you’ll see the section “Community Hashtags.” Edit it and add your industry/ niche’s related hashtags.

This is a kind of notification you’ll see for the trending posts. When you click this notification, LinkedIn lets you comment on a company page.

3- Organize Virtual Events or Webinars

Nothing can beat the power of user-generated content to gain visibility and increase followers on the LinkedIn company page.

Organize virtual events or webinars on the topics relevant to your niche or industry and promote it from your company and personal profile. You can invite an influential person or industry expert to attract eyeballs.

If you add enough value to the attendees, they will share the key takeaways and tag your company name. It can generate tremendous user-generated content.

Organize virtual events or webinars

When attendees share the posts and updates, their followers will see it, which will result in more visitors on your company page.

Also, offer free giveaways, discounts, or deals in exchange for company mentions and comments on the updates.

4- Create Storytelling-Driven Content

Your LinkedIn page isn’t meant to share links to your company blog or industry news and get away with it. If you create engaging, high-quality, storytelling-driven content on the pain points your audience might have, latest industry trends, best practices, and how-to tips, you can connect with your targeted audience swiftly.

Whether you’re in B2B or B2B space, stories ignite emotions and help you build relationships with your followers and page visitors.

Experiment with different kinds of formats such as text posts, images, videos, document-based carousel posts, and polls. If your industry and niche permit, you can add some humor or sound casual sometimes.

Share case-studies, explain complex concepts, discuss relevant trends and industry news, or write an excerpt from your recent blog or article. Engaging content can convert visitors into your company page’s followers.

Also, take advantage of a current affair or news story and create a post on it. Pick up a story from “Today’s news and views” section and explain the founder or CEO’s take on it on the company page.

5- Mention Influencers and Request Them to Share Insights

Mentioning influencers and industry leaders in your posts is an excellent way to get exposed to a wider audience.

No alt text provided for this image

If any influencer comments on your post, the post will get visible in their network’s feed. From there, you can get 100s of followers in a single day. Just make sure that you’re not spamming by mentioning too many influencers (more than 3-5) in a single post.

Ask them gently if they can share their insights and add more value to your post or update. Also, thank them later once they have commented on or re-shared the update.

6- Invite Your Connections to Follow Your Company Page

You can also invite your personal connections to follow your company page. LinkedIn grants 100 credits every month. 1 credit is required to send an invitation. Once the invite is accepted, the credit is restored.

7- Notify Employees to Comments on the Latest Updates

You can get more impressions and engagement on the posts by notifying your employees. On the top of every post, you’ll see a button “Notify Employees”. Employees will be notified of the post, and admins can send the notification again in 24 hours.

Notify employees to comments on the latest updates

Every time an employee likes or comments, the post is shown in his network’s feed, which increases the chances of getting followers.


LinkedIn company pages, if managed using the above steps, can help your company begin conversations, build relationships, and generate leads and growth opportunities.

To summarise, here are the 7 magical ways to increase the reach of your LinkedIn company page:

  • Use your personal brand to gain followers for the company page
  • Add community hashtags and then comment on the trending posts
  • Organize virtual events or webinars
  • Create storytelling-driven content
  • Mention influencers and request them to share insights
  • Invite your connections to follow your company page
  • Notify employees to comment on the latest updates

Remember – right mindset and constant experimentation is the key to success on LinkedIn.

Do you want to share any other tips on how to grow followers or reach on your LinkedIn company page? Please let me know in the comment section.

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