Before 2020 Challenge — What are you Going to Accomplish?

Before 2020 Challenge — What are you Going to Accomplish?

Quentin Allums 09/09/2019 4

This article is different from most of my articles in the past because I’m issuing a challenge to everyone that wants to push themselves: The #Before2020 challenge. What are you going to push yourself to achieve before the year 2020?

About a month ago I was sitting in the coffee shop next to my apartment, meeting an old friend. I was sitting at the table waiting for him to get there. When he walked into the shop I barely recognized him because of how much weight he had lost. And the conversation I had with him was really what sparked me to create this challenge. He said, “if I knew I was going to die in 6 months… then I would know exactly what I would do. Exactly who I would talk to. All of that.”

And I started thinking about my own life. My own growth. Which over the past three years has been friggin’ awesome and I’m so thankful that I get to build my dream for a living. I employ people. People rely on me to pay their bills. Which is so scary, so humbling, and so awesome at the same time. I just signed on to be a part of an Amazon Prime TV show, which absolutely terrifies me. I’m speaking at INBOUND next month, which was on my list to accomplish some time within the next 5 years (and also terrifies me ?). Things are moving so fast! But I still feel like I’m only growing at a pace that I’m comfortable with.

If I can have that kind of growth in my comfort zone… then what can I do outside of it?

So Here’s the Challenge

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I had a fairly magical conversation with a friend a few weeks back that sparked this. Essentially I realized that while I’m growing fast, I’m growing at a pace that I’m comfortable with. And I want to be more aggressive. I want the world to be more aggressive when it comes to there goals.

So here are the rules:

- Make a list of 20 things you’re going to accomplish before 2020

- Make those goals public with a video on your favorite (or all) social media platform.

- Use the #Before2020 hashtag

- Tag Quentin Allums on LinkedIn (@tagjustQ on other social platforms). Also, tag the person that challenged you.

- Keep us updated weekly/daily/or whatever works for you

- Challenge 3 new people with every update

- Join the WhatsApp group (optional) to meet dope people, hold each other accountable, and help each other achieve. Here's the link to join the group! 

My #Before2020 Goals

Here’s everything I’m going to accomplish before the new year. Some are correlated to the success of my business, but I wanted to keep this personal (feel free to do whatever works for you). 

  1. Pay off all debt related to my first business
  2. Interview Sophia Amoruso
  3. Go home to visit my family
  4. Interview Jason Silva
  5. Visit a city that I’ve never been to before with the girlfriend [non-work related].
  6. Start esports video newsletter and start flagging people for streaming team
  7. Get a tattoo (start sleeve)
  8. New wardrobe
  9. Get a hat partnership
  10. Interview Gary Vaynerchuk
  11. Interview Kobe Bryant
  12. Bring on an assistant full-time (currently part-time)
  13. Interview John Henry
  14. Hire speaker’s bureau, agent, or in-house agent
  15. Reach 20k on Instagram
  16. 1000 YouTube subscribers
  17. Complete 2 books per month (8 more books)
  18. 1000 followers on TikTok
  19. Interview 3 esports industry leaders
  20. Attend an esports event/conference 


  1. Interview J.K Rowling

Again, I want everyone to make the challenge work for them. Tweak it as needed. I'll be making daily updates on Instagram (@tagjustQ on every social platform) and probably weekly everywhere else (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok).

Let's help each other achieve everything and set ourselves up for a wicked 2020.

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  • Tommy Howie

    You are so ambitious !!! Keep it up !!

  • Andy Vella


  • Jayne Harris

    Yes let's help each other to achieve greater things

  • Zoe Burrows

    What are your next challenges ? I am curious to know

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Quentin is a Marketing Lead at Greatness Media. He is a TEDx speaker, podcaster, writer and esports geek. He owns IEEG, a storytelling company, and MKE Misfits a community & events company based out of Milwaukee. His team creates compelling visual stories, partner with brands to reach their target audience, consult on storytelling/branding, and host events around the globe. He was one of the first LinkedIn video storytellers & have since used the platform to accumulate millions of views and travel the world for speaking engagements. Quentin holds a Bachelor degree in Sociology from the Cardinal Stritch University. 

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