Quentin Allums Entrepreneurship Expert

Quentin is the Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder of Urban Misfit Ventures. He owns IEEG, a storytelling company, and MKE Misfits a community & events company based out of Milwaukee. His team creates compelling visual stories, partner with brands to reach their target audience, consult on storytelling/branding, and host events around the globe. He was one of the first LinkedIn video storytellers & have since used the platform to accumulate millions of views and travel the world for speaking engagements. Quentin holds a Bachelor degree in Sociology from the Cardinal Stritch University. 


Why You're Not Making Money with Your Personal Brand

This has become one of my favorite topics to talk about in the last few months. Because there is so much fluff out there when it comes to personal branding. So I just want to dive right into it. Here are a handful of mistakes that I made when I first started and things that I wish I knew when it comes to making money with my personal brand.


Before 2020 Challenge — What are you Going to Accomplish?

This article is different from most of my articles in the past because I’m issuing a challenge to everyone that wants to push themselves: The #Before2020 challenge. What are you going to push yourself to achieve before the year 2020?


You Are A Story: A Misfit's View on Personal Branding

Real talk – I cried when the first Avengers 3 [Movie] trailer was released. The trailer! They have been so meticulous when it comes to the communication of their overarching narrative over the past 10 years. Every character has a part to play. Each hero's story has been fleshed out in their own movies, in the collaborative movies, and in the Marvel TV shows as well. Every single production contributes to the overarching narrative. And that's why I cried. Because I am emotionally attached to their overarching narrative. That's how your personal brand should be treated.


How to Monetize LinkedIn

When I jumped into entrepreneurship full-time I had no idea what I was doing and it hit me hard: my first virtual reality startup failed within months, my girlfriend left me, my car was totaled, I burned through all of my funds, my agency struggled, and I racked up a ton of debt. I got to the point where I had -$900 in my bank account, rent due at the end of the week, and no income. And while I survived, my life royally sucked. That was pre-LinkedIn.