Career Stress and Well Being: Are they interrelated?

Career Stress and Well Being: Are they interrelated?

Divya Parekh 29/12/2018 7

A recent Gallup report announced that 70 percent of Americans are either disengaged or miserable in their workplace. As the North American job industry remains governed by uncertainty its employees remain highly stressed…which explains Gallup’s findings.

Employees find themselves in work overload with stagnant salaries, increasing bills and a lack of career advancement. While 70 percent of America’s employees are unhappy with their workplace, 65 percent admit their jobs are a significant source of stress, one third of which, are chronically stressed.

This coincides with numerous studies that have repeatedly found that job stress — as in occupational pressures and fears — is the major source of stress for American adults; a level of pressure that continues to escalate progressively. This level of job stress has been linked with increased rates of hypertension, heart attacks and other health disorders.

A NIOSH Report shows that three quarters of workers believe that today’s employees have more on-the-job stress than the generation of workers before them. As a matter of fact, job stress is associated with health complaints more frequently than family or financial problems. A startling finding revealed that 42 percent of America’s stressed workers admit they are in the dark when it comes to dealing with the stress, in that they need help learning how to manage their workplace pressures.

Occupational tensions are also affecting the mental capacities of many workers. According to the American Institute of Stress, 25 percent of employees say they have felt like shouting or screaming at a coworker, while 14 percent admit they wanted to strike a fellow coworker. Another 10 percent say they are aware of violence or an assault that has occurred in the workplace and that 18 of workers fell victim to some type of threat or verbal abuse over the last 12 months.

Workplace stress has become a significant concern as more than 62 percent of workers experience neck pain; 44 percent have stressed-out eyes; 38 percent deal with aching hands; 34 percent experience insomnia due workplace stress. More than 12 percent of employees call in sick because of job pressures while overall, more than half of workers say they often spend 12 or more hours completing work-related duties and skip lunch because of job demands.

When considering a new career, it’s important to choose an employer that offers employee programs such as stress management, work-life initiatives, career advancement programs, tele-communicating and flexibility, all of which are proven to contribute to the well-being of workers. Remember that career success is not only defined by the metrics of power and money, but also — and perhaps even more importantly — by employee happiness and performance.

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  • Christian Wiczoreck

    Now I'm stressed about figuring out how to greet my stress with joy and courage.

  • Lyndsey O'Shea

    Very profound, educational and useful for all of us.

  • Carl Hartman

    Well, I'm gonna die early. Stress is killing me......

  • Jamie Flutter

    Great advices

  • Ellie Simmons

    We're stressed cuz the world is moving too fast and we can't keep up. Companies are asking for skills and qualifications that we don't posses nor have the time or funds to acquire.

  • Michael Vukelic

    Awesome, this post made me feel less stressful and was so helpful.

  • Laura Duffy

    I'm 25 and I'm already getting a quarter life crisis.

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Divya Parekh

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Divya Parekh is an international Executive Leadership Coach and #1 bestselling author. She is CEO of The DP Group, LLC a global coaching and consulting firm that provides leadership and team development services as well as corporate coaching. Having success in four major career paths, Divya has the expertise and knowledge of real world business backed by a proven record of success. Divya brings over 25 years of rich and extensive experience in academia, the biopharmaceutical industry, and as a global executive and leadership coach. In each of her many roles, she has empowered leaders with breakthrough insights, talent development strategies, and measurable business outcomes. During her biopharmaceutical journey, Divya led successful multi-million dollar projects from concept to completion in a fast-paced and competitive environment. Divya knows what it takes to initiate communication channels that cut across departments, improve cross-functional collaboration, and leverage scientific principles, technical skills, and Lean Six Sigma problem solving tools to measure, evaluate, and improve the productivity of leaders and teams. Divya has guided many seasoned executives, leaders, and management personnel into realizing their goals by creating a cohesive plan to reach their next level of accomplishment. She believes the key factor in leadership success is the partnerships we cultivate. She helps others to learn the exponential power in developing a thorough understanding of their business partners to build resonant relationships and a foundation of mutual trust and safety. Working with cross-functional groups, she inspires them to morph into high-performing, collaborative teams. Her technique utilizes measurable assessments, a supportive delivery method and a bit of pointed accountability that ensures the success of both leaders and professionals in the organization. Divya coaches leaders to cultivate interdependence between themselves and their internal and external stakeholders to achieve a combined mastery in connectivity and alignment through complex business and personal challenges. When people function in an environment of mutual trust, Return on Energy and Return on Investment flourish both in business and life. Divya is the recipient of Worldwide Branding VIP of the Year in 2013 as well as NAPW VIP Woman of the Year in 2014 for showing dedication, leadership, and excellence in leadership coaching. Additionally, Continental Who’s Who named her as a Pinnacle Professional in the field of coaching and consulting. As a Forbes Coaches Council Official Member, Divya is a regular contributor to Forbes. Divya is also the author of numerous leadership and entrepreneurial books. Her books include Stress Management, Mindfulness Mastery, Critical Thinking, Candid Critique, Appreciative Inquiry, Leadership and Influence, Emotional Intelligence, and her newest book, The Entrepreneur's Garden.

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