How to Get Searched by More People on LinkedIn

How to Get Searched by More People on LinkedIn

Hardik Lashkari 07/06/2020 10
How to Increase Your Engagement On LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a goldmine — we all know it — yet, only a handful of people are leveraging its power to build businesses, gain visibility and position themselves.

Do you know why?

Because we think of LinkedIn like a social media platform. Whereas, in reality, it is alike-Google.


  • LinkedIn prefers and loves quality content because it cares for its readers;
  • It personalises the feed (how Google personalises the search results) to show the most relevant posts;
  • Like Google, LinkedIn also ranks profiles in the search results based on certain parameters, one of which is placement of keywords. (More on this later)

Why Should You Listen to Me?

Here’re my weekly search results from May 26 to June 2.


Here’re the keywords I got ranked for:


For a writer or founder of a content marketing agency, these are the most apt keywords to get ranked for. Isn’t it?

Don’t worry, in this article, I will tell you my secret sauce of getting 2000+ weekly search results for the most targeted keywords.

Why Should You Focus on Search Appearances?

LinkedIn search bar is one of the most underrated-yet-frequently used features.

Whenever -

  • A prospect is looking for a freelancer or an agency;
  • A startup owner is looking for a startup mentor or investor;
  • A candidate is looking for a recruiter or HR; or
  • Vice-versa of any of the above,

they use LinkedIn search bar to look for suitable people to connect with, apart from finding anyone from the home page, “people also viewed” or “people you may know” sections.

When people search for relevant keywords, LinkedIn shows the results and rankings based on a few factors which are:

  • Usage of relevant keywords in the LinkedIn profile (Over-stuffing is a strict NO);
  • Searcher’s activity on LinkedIn; and
  • Search history (to predict results which will be likely more relevant to the searcher)

LinkedIn has already clarified that there is no single order for search because it may be unique for each member.

Having said that,

Profile Optimisation is an important element to get higher search appearances for the targeted keywords.

If you’ve optimised your profile, you can appear higher in the search results, and avail better opportunities besides more profile views.

How and Where to Place Keywords in the LinkedIn Profile?

Remember, like Google, placement and density of keywords play a crucial role on LinkedIn as well in ranking higher and attracting more opportunities. Here’s how I’ve placed relevant keywords in various sections:



I’ve added two keywords “writer” and “storyteller” in my headline. You can write 2–3 targeted keywords in the headline which you want to get ranked for. Avoid stuffing too many keywords.

A good approach is to write a headline in the following format:

Interesting Word + Keyword | A phrase to describe what’s in your profile for people |1–2 keywords.

Summary (About Section)

After headline, summary is the next important section that LinkedIn looks at. Besides placing keywords at relevant places, write an interesting story that entices the readers and prospects.




I’m the founder of Content Flavour (a content marketing agency). But, instead of writing “Founder or CEO”, I’ve included keywords “Content”, “Writer” and “Editor” to make it look more fascinating.

Similarly, wherever I’ve been featured in reputed publications, and I’ve listed all of them on my profile by mentioning the designation as “Contributing Writer”.

You can also mention more details, describe your experience, and include keywords in it.


This is the best place in a LinkedIn profile to mention as many relevant keywords as you like (LinkedIn allows up to 50 skills). You can include technical skills, soft skills, voluntary skills and tools and technologies you know.

How Your Activities Impact the Search Appearances?

Besides profile, LinkedIn also takes into account the activities (posts, comments, and new connections) while indexing a profile into the search results.

  1. Posts: Usually, I create content around storytelling, writing, copywriting and stuff. In all of my posts, you’ll find words such as “content”, “writing”, etc.
  2. Comments: I engage with other content creators or marketers who write on content writing, copywriting, startups and entrepreneurship related topics.
  3. New connections: Most of the time, I send a connection request to CEOs, C-suite executives, CMOs and startup owners. LinkedIn takes this as well into account.

Together, LinkedIn personalises the search results for each searcher according to various parameters.

However, if you’re fulfilling most of the points mentioned above, there is a high probability that you’ll still appear higher in every search result for a relevant keyword.


Here’re sure shot tips if you want to get appear in 2,000+ weekly search results:

  • Identify relevant keywords that you want to get ranked for;
  • Place them in the headline, summary, professional experience (title and description) and skills & endoremsents;
  • Monitor your activity to see if you’re posting, commenting and adding connections in line with the targeted keywords;
  • Don’t overstuff the keywords in any section.

Now go back, apply the changes in your profile, and watch how your profile performs this week. Come back the next week and share your results here.

Also, if you found this article useful, share this with your colleagues who might get benefitted.

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    Perfect, I'll be using this to optimize my profile this weekend.

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  • That's amazing Jamie. Let me know how do you go about it. Happy to help or assist.

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  • Adam Caldicott

    Would you recommend getting a copywriter to boost your SEO?

  • I would definitely recommend a copywriter who knows how to build a story and then place keywords at relevant places. If you're looking for one, we could discuss this Adam.

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    Thank you for sharing this great info.

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