Top 9 Marketing Tools for Small Business

Top 9 Marketing Tools for Small Business

Top 9 Marketing Tools for Small Business

To stay ahead in today’s marketing domain, one needs to be an expert in exploring and adopting marketing tools for business. For businesses that have a social media presence and are willing to flourish their business online, the best way is to utilize the online marketing tools that are a requisite in today’s marketing space.

Do you think businesses could succeed without having the privilege of marketing tools? These tools have been a blessing in disguise for millions of businesses that have witnessed online success. Small businesses or startups that have a smaller budget for online marketing must focus on getting free social media marketing tools for their business.

Here’s a list of some of the most useful marketing tools for your business:



Buzzsumo is one of the most trending online marketing tools. It is an extremely supportive tool for small businesses that are constantly looking for new and popular articles, trends or content related to any industry! It’s easily accessible and contains information on any and every topic. This is by far the most easily accessible tool, however the free service only allows you to search a few times per day.

If you watch closely you will see that the content is mostly viral on all social media platforms and that too because it is shared by influencers. This is the best platform for marketers to get the best possible information from credible authors who publish authentic content based on facts and figures.  


The basic difference between Hootsuite and Buffer is that Buffer allows you to share content on Instagram without having to link a mobile device with your Instagram account.

It is another tool like Hootsuite that helps you schedule posts on various social media platforms. It also gives you deep insight into the analytics and briefs you about how your social media campaigns are performing. The analytics that you get from this tool will help you increase your followers and engage with them. The free service is the best for the startups and small businesses who have to invest judiciously. Buffer definitely makes it to the list of the best marketing tools for small businesses.


This is a useful tool that provides a clear overview into trending hashtags. Using hashtags is the most popular way a post is searched for on social media. It is also the reason why particular posts become extremely popular on the Internet. Hashtagify is probably one of the best free social media marketing tools for business that is in demand, especially by small businesses trying to get themselves discovered.

You can always search by a keyword to know its popularity and its current trend in the market. The easiest way to establish your business online on social media is by using hashtags on every possible social media post. This makes the posts visible to all those who search that particular hashtag, thus, increasing the online visibility for your post.


An excellent tool for all the writers out there who need help with vocabulary. For most marketers, this is a really powerful tool that keeps you updated with catchy phrases or words that you can use on your social media posts!

Content is required everywhere, and having this tool on your desktop makes it easy to add new words to all content you create. Bloggers and copy writers tend to find this tool extremely useful, unique and perfect for the kind of work they do.


A scheduling tool that allows you to schedule posts on various social media platforms. Initially the free plan of Hootsuite allowed you to schedule as many posts as you wanted! But with certain new changes brought in, you can schedule as many as 30 posts with the free service plan. However, Hootsuite does not allow you to post on Instagram directly and it requires linking your mobile device with your Hootsuite account. On the other hand, Buffer only asks you to paste the caption during the preview and you can post straight away!


This tool helps a business identify potential followers on Twitter that they can target. It helps businesses identify the best time to post when maximum of their followers are active! It also gives a brief insight into the kind of content that your followers find interesting or engaging. It gives you a clear insight into what is excellent for your business by analyzing and observing the competitors strategy. Use followerwonk to create opportunities that help your business be more visible to influencers belonging to your industry.


This tool boasts of creating engaging, entertaining and informative short videos for social media platforms that can help you gain momentum in the social media world.

As visuals are more attractive and engaging as compared to written content, uploading a video on your website is likely to boost your business performance. Video marketing is trending and businesses are trying to use such tools to get maximum exposure. A tool that facilitates easy video creation is all small businesses need to excel in the online world.


When you create content, who double checks your content for any grammatical error or a punctuation error? Among so many tasks, it is almost impossible to have a keen eye out for writing excellent content while keeping a check on the grammar. 

There are many tools available on Internet that are useful for a marketer, a writer or anyone who needs to give a grammatical check to content. But to eliminate all grammatical errors, Grammarly is definitely the best tool out there!

Mail Chimp

With mail chimp installed on your system, you can develop a campaign that best suits your message. It is easy to manage all your subscribers! Mail Chimp gives you an in depth analysis of your email marketing campaign. It tells you exactly what you need to fix or tweak in order to get better results!

To conclude, if you’re a small business or a start-up, using these tools is a must. Great online presence comes with exploring great marketing tools. Therefore, staying updated on the trending marketing research tools and techniques for businesses is extremely important in order to positively establish your business online.

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  • Ayush Goyal

    I would like to add one more thing. Instead of spending a lot of money on paid advertising, startups can try listing their business on social media and focus on content creation.

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    One your best articles yet

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    This was great, I been trying to find out about "workshops on social media marketing" for a while now, and I think this has helped.

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    Really nice list of tools, I'm using a few of them and love them.

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    Buffer is my favourite one

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    This is a very helpful article with great suggestions.

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    I agree 100%. These are some great points for a business owner. This is some great information!

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