Types of Digital Marketing - Part 2

Types of Digital Marketing - Part 2

As discussed in the previous article, Types of digital marketing- part 1, we introduced you to some the different types of digital marketing like email marketing, mobile marketing etc.


If you want to learn how to do digital marketing, it’s important that you start familiarizing yourself with the various types of digital marketing. Whether yours is a well-established brand or a brand that is a small enterprise, digital marketing has become a requisite for any business. However, the marketing strategies may vary from business to business.

Here are a few more types of digital marketing:

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is the process of earning commission by promoting some other organization on your website. And you earn a commission for every sale that you make by promotions. Similarly, you could display your products or services on another webstite to get generate more purchashing opportunities for your business.

Affiliate marketing is feasible and this is the only reason that bloggers and e-commerce websites imply it willfully. This type of marketing is most successful when the product that you are promoting on your website resonates well with your website visitors.

The more familiar your audience is with the product, the higher your chances are of closing a sale. Affiliate marketing is essentially an online sales hack that benefits both parties.

Content Marketing

The Internet is a blessing! We can rightly say this because we can easily look for products, services, reviews or search for any kind of information with ease. And if you are able to provide users with the kind of information they are looking for, then you are on track!

Content marketing refers to the practice of delivering quality content to the users, something that adds value to them. You won’t be surprised to learn that content marketing is one of the most used types of online marketing by businesses.

Creating good quality content is one of the most important aspects of content marketing. Your users should find it easy to read and understand your content but at the same time, your content should give them what they’re looking for.

Social Media Marketing 

We’re sure you have a presence on a few social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. With almost every other user having a presence on social media, it becomes easy to target and reach out to the right audience.

As far as businesses are concerned, the traditional marketing methods are on the back burner now with digital marketing taking over. Social media marketing has become a prerequisite for any business in today’s scenario since users are now spending a significant amount of their time on social media platforms.

If you are a marketer or business owner, you NEED to have a social media presence!

Search Engine Marketing/PPC Advertising

SEM aka search engine marketing is nothing but what we commonly refer to as paid advertising.

Here the marketer pays to the search engine to display various types of advertisement on various channels. The most common paid search platform is Google AdWords followed by Bing Ads.

Have you heard of Google Adwords and AdSence? These are some of the common platforms through which marketers run various types of ads for their businesses. Either the business pays the search engines for displaying their ads, or businesses make money when visitors click on ads displayed on their website.

Having said all of the above, implementing digital marketing for your business is important. The digital space is a space of opportunities to help grow your business! So go on out there and try implementing some of the digital marketing techniques for your business!

Confused about which type of digital marketing to implement for your business? Get in touch with us!

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  • Lucy Everingham

    As long as you have an efficient digital marketing strategy, there is nothing to worry about.

  • Matthew Salyer

    Affiliate marketing works a lot on Youtube

  • Lisa Bruce

    Good read

  • Dana Andersen

    Thanks for the tips Anuja

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