Deepak Goel Management Expert

Deepak is a serial entrepreneur who is driven by sales & marketing, digital media, online campaign designs, project management and CRM. He is a strategic driver of BFG Group that comprises iMET Global, Academy of Digital-Social Media and Digitally Next. He is a visionary leader who brings industry insights to the professional education sector, MSMEs & Start ups by creating a global collaborative community. Deepak holds a bachelor in Economics from Delhi University and an MBA in IT & Management systems and Marketing from Symbiosis, India. 


Can a New Brand Launch Totally Depend on Digital Marketing?

How do you come to know about a new brand/product launch? Print media? Television advertisements? Word of mouth? Brand launch events? There can be ‘n’ number of ways to do so, but the most popular today definitely has to be digital media. Now, the question that arises is can a brand launch be isolated from all other medias and just be relied on this new platform?


Social Media and Big Data

Today we are surfing on the internet, visiting different websites, posting, liking and commenting on events and images of our friend. This is leaving a digital footprint, which is converted into a stored data, that is very precious for companies that seek to understand and target even better their customers.