Office Waste Clearance – Do’s & Don’ts

Office Waste Clearance – Do’s & Don’ts

Daniel Hall 19/05/2021
Office Waste Clearance – Do’s & Don’ts

Waste disposal is a collective responsibility to achieve a successful waste clearance exercise.

Therefore, it's paramount to make sure all the office users are aware of the goal and steps to achieve it.

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  • Label all bins according to the type of waste that should be dumped there. In the United Kingdom, there is a standard color bin representation of the kind of waste. The colors are three. A Blue bin is meant for recyclable waste, a brown bin for garden waste, and a green bin for non-recyclable waste and food waste. 

  • Seek services of a professional waste removal company. Waste management can be challenging to understand and also might be time-consuming. Sourcing services to delegate this role to could be the best option for your office. Several companies offer office waste clearance services around the United Kingdom. These companies can be found online as most have websites and contacts. Ensure the company you settle for to manage your office waste is well equipped and meets the legal standards set by the government.

  • Cost-effective. It's important to do a market survey on the available office waste clearance companies around you. As a business, it's important to cut down on expenditure and maximize profits. Disposal companies set their prices depending on so many factors, and some of those factors may not be a necessary requirement for you. As an office, getting value for your money is what you should pursue, getting a price catalog from various waste clearance companies or advertising tenders for waste disposal services. From the many bidders, you will analyze and settle for a favorable company.

  • Size. Understand the size of your office because that way, you will estimate the volume of waste generated from the office. Having this in mind, you can determine the best waste clearance company to settle for. These companies deal with small-scale businesses and others with large-scale companies. Make sure your choice of company is capable of handling your waste capacity effectively.

  • Location is important, be it on bin placement, office location, or location of your preferred waste clearance company. Having bins strategically placed in noticeable locations for all office users is vital to keep the office environment clean. It also helps with the collection of the bins by the waste clearance people. For instance, putting bins on the exit ways will be easier to carry for the waste clearance team to access without causing distraction to the office. Location of your preferred office waste clearance is also important because the closer they are to you, then you can benefit from frequent offloading of trash.

  • Innovate office waste reduction ideas. For example, using voice mail and avoid paper memos in the office. Encouraging proofreading and editing before printing to reduce waste from numerous printouts. Embracing technology to digitally store files instead of paper files that eventually will need to be disposed of.

  • Keep a close eye on the bins to make sure there is no overflow. Many waste clearance companies have trash pickup schedules, but that does not mean staying with filled-up cans. The office can generate a lot of trash, especially during moving offices. In such cases, make sure to call your service provider to take care of the waste. 


  • Do not be careless with your office waste. Toners from printers contain hazardous content that needs to be handled professionally by waste management companies. 

  • Do not mix wastes. Since all types of trash are disposed of differently, sorting waste should be encouraged in the office. Mixing waste food and recyclable waste is not allowed

  • Do not take personal initiative to dispose of your office waste. Every type of waste has procedures and processes to ensure a proper and safe way to dispose of it. For example, burning paper waste. Some might be waxed or lased with chemicals. This type does not break down on combustion. They require chemical reactions to break them down.

  • Do not use office clearance companies that are not certified. Using dubious waste disposal service providers brings more harm to the office and the environment at large. If the office waste clearance company is not licensed, then it means they do not have proper waste disposal procedures. This could lead to waste into water bodies that can turn to be poisonous to humans and nature. 

  • Do not carry out office clearance unless given a go-head by relevant people in your office. Some of the disposed of materials might be impossible to recover, and this could lead to severe damage to the office. For instance, disposing of confidential documents like tenders and the office waste clearance burns them. This is irreversible damage. Also, before disposing of such documents in the trash cans, it's important to shred them to avoid third parties getting hold of them. Consider hiring shredding services, whether it be scheduled shredding or a one time service, as this will ensure you fulfill important compliance obligations.

It's essential to embrace a recycling culture on all things that can be recycled or replacing plastics where possible. So, for example, if your coffee is served on plastic tumblers, next time, bring a mug.

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