John Papageorge Tech Expert

John is a Senior Content Marketing Manager at Omnicell. He is a results-driven consultant who has worked with some of the biggest names in technology, including Oracle, Cisco, Hewlett Packard, and IBM, to improve their marketing and lead generation strategies. John holds a Bachelor of Science in Engineering and Journalism from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. 


Why Intelligent Part Numbering Makes Kylo Ren Angry

Both Jedi and Sith blood flowed within the veins of Kylo Ren, causing the conflicted young man to suffer deep psychological torment. Unlike his emotionally restrained grandpapa Darth Vader, Ren’s shame-based anguish drove him to petulant temper tantrums and fits of rage. These violent outbursts usually followed news of costly product development errors that caused scrap, rework and shipping delays on the First Order’s new battle station.


Why On Premise Solutions Are a Bad, Bad Practice

When it comes to getting product lifecycle management (PLM) systems up and working, Solution Consultant Mark Andres has managed both on-premise ‘big box’ PLM as well as cloud PLM implementations. Having seen PLM from both sides of the fence, Andres — without prejudice or harsh interrogation methods — confesses willingly to preferring cloud-based PLM systems. “The benefits of cloud are overwhelming, especially from an IT support perspective,” says Andres.


Want Dark Lord Visibility Into Your Design Processes?

The benefits of a holistic product lifecycle management (PLM) solution to provide unparalleled visibility across the supply chain date back to the time of Middle Earth.


Three Warning Signs You're Being "Catfished" By a Fake Cloud Vendor

The cloud is your dream date. You can see a future together. Kids. Puppies. No costly infrastructure and resources needed to maintain on-premise software. It’s a chance to focus your precious human capital (namely engineers) on critical core business activities.


A Truly Frightening Supply Chain Horror Story

Over the millennia, Halloween has evolved from a somber pagan ritual to a day of costumes, parades and treats for children. The merriment also includes ghost stories—mostly revolving around haunted OEMs—that are spooky enough to send shivers up the spine.

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