John Papageorge Tech Expert

John is a PLM Innovation Senior Analyst at Arena Solutions. He is a results-driven consultant who has worked with some of the biggest names in technology, including Oracle, Cisco, Hewlett Packard, and IBM, to improve their marketing and lead generation strategies. John holds a Bachelor of Science in Engineering and Journalism from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. 


The Factory Design Solution Your Plant Managers Have Been Dreaming Of

No one feels the pain of making sure manufacturing business processes run smoothly than the plant or facility manager of a modern factory. The buck stops with them to ensure quality products get out to market inexpensively and on time. When it comes to ensuring no product defects leave the factory, facility and plant managers are goalie, guardian, and Gandalf.


Keep Your Applications in the Clouds and Your Data on the Ground

For manufacturers looking to streamline their product introduction processes and improve the management of their bill of materials (BOM), keeping your apps in the cloud and data on the ground makes good sense.


How Smart Manufacturers Avoid Nasty, Bad, Horrible Product Reviews

In today’s social media world, a bad product review can cause immediate brand damage. As a result, more manufacturing executives are determined now more than ever to catch costly quality errors before they ship to market. 


How Energy Storage Will Ensure the Cleantech Industry Sees More Green

Since Thomas Edison discovered electricity, the ability to store massive amounts of energy has confounded scientists, engineers and even the “The Father of Electricity,” himself. Without a storage component, the cleantech industry will not be able to experience sustainable growth as price spikes, security threats, instability and volatility remain ongoing challenges.


Why Multitasking Is Killing Your Business

If you believe "multitasking" is productive and positive, you’re literally wasting your time. Consider it a bad fad that you can put in the same lame trend basket as neon leotards, head-to-toe denim, crop crotch pants and mullets.