Kurt Cagle Tech Expert

Kurt is the founder and CEO of Semantical, LLC, a consulting company focusing on enterprise data hubs, metadata management, semantics, and NoSQL systems. He has developed large scale information and data governance strategies for Fortune 500 companies in the health care/insurance sector, media and entertainment, publishing, financial services and logistics arenas, as well as for government agencies in the defense and insurance sector (including the Affordable Care Act). Kurt holds a Bachelor of Science in Physics from the University of Illinois at Urbana–Champaign. 


When the Power Goes Out

An interesting pattern emerges when you throw a potentially controversial idea out, as I did recently with the article below. I had written that I think that we need to strengthen our "local" networks - energy and information both - by utilizing more of a mesh approach, precisely because the existing (largely centralized) networks are too vulnerable to storms, earthquakes and cascading power failures.


The Power of Javascript Template Literals

Of all of the innovations that have emerged with the Ecmascript 2015+ rewrite of the Javascript language, one of the most powerful, template literals, is also one of the most under-appreciated. Template literals solve two problems - creating multiline content strings, and embedding variables in strings - but in conjunction with arrow functions and tagged literals, they can also solve many of the problems that up until now have been the province of specialized libraries.


The Age of Loyalty Programs Is Ending

I can just remember a time when airlines only had a business class and an economy class. Now, it will often take five minutes for a gate attendant at most airports to rattle through all the permutations of Silver, Gold, Platinum, Double Platinum, Uranium, Plutonium and Mithril flyers to let them know that they can in fact take the left hand lane with the red carpet rather than right hand lane with the plain carpet to get their gears stowed first.


The Gathering Tech Economy Storm

Recently, I've begun seeing signs that I've been expecting for a while, even if I've not been wanting to. There is a tech recession coming. Like Hurricane Harvey, it has been sitting off the coast for a while as a tropical storm, but it has the potential to turn into a category 4 hurricane all too easily.


The Paradoxical Work Force

It's a recession when your neighbor loses his job; it's a depression when you lose yours, Harry S. Trumen. After several months where work seemed stalled on several fronts, things finally started to become busier again recently, enough so that I've had only minimal opportunities to update my LinkedIn posts. However, I've been thinking hard about the nature of work for a while now, and have come to some disturbing conclusions about what I think is happening structurally worldwide.