Kurt Cagle Tech Expert

Kurt is the founder and CEO of Semantical, LLC, a consulting company focusing on enterprise data hubs, metadata management, semantics, and NoSQL systems. He has developed large scale information and data governance strategies for Fortune 500 companies in the health care/insurance sector, media and entertainment, publishing, financial services and logistics arenas, as well as for government agencies in the defense and insurance sector (including the Affordable Care Act). Kurt holds a Bachelor of Science in Physics from the University of Illinois at Urbana–Champaign. 


The Software Trades and H1B

Sometimes classifications hit home in an uncomfortable way. Most software developers, if asked about what kind of role they play, will generally identify as being "professionals" in the same way that a doctor or lawyer is a professional. Indeed, this is also the classification the Bureau of Labor Statistics uses for the profession. On the surface, this should be obvious - most programmers have at least a Bachelor's degree, many have credentials, they are involved with creative work, and they work in an office. Indeed, many tend to aspire to being a "scientist" and their perspective is, not surprisingly, academic.


Retail Death in the Fourth Industrial Age

The American retail industry is slowly dying. This is, in many respects, the death of the Third Industrial Age writ upon the landscape of its most visible symbol: The Mall.


The Coming Demographic Depression

Robots are coming, immigrants are taking over our jobs, outsourcing, lazy Millennials - the number of factors being blamed for the current (real) economic malaise are varied, some with a certain justification (automation is affecting employment) and some without (there is no evidence that immigration negatively takes jobs that would otherwise be filled by US citizens). However, there is almost certainly one group that is affecting the economy negatively: Boomers.


The End of White Collar Jobs

There have been a great number of articles of late talking about how manual factory labor will be going away in the relentless march of robots, drones and autonomous vehicles. While these are all technologies that will have a huge impact upon manufacturing, it is tempting to think if you consider yourself a knowledge work or professional that the job that you do is safe. The problem is that this is simply not true.


How To Build A Smart Data Hub

There’s a concept that’s been floating around from the realm of Big Data called a “data lake”. Now, personally, this is a remarkably misleading term, as it implies that data is like a liquid that flows, rather than the representations of people, businesses, contracts, books, widgets and anything else that can be represented as entities of some sort. You can’t dip a glass into a data lake and get some data. As metaphors go, it’s wrong in very nearly every way, and when dealing with virtual content, metaphor is astonishingly real.