Matthew Brennan Innovation Expert

Matthew is the Co-Founder of China Channel. He is a well-known speaker and writer about WeChat and Tencent (China's largest internet company). His opinions are regularly featured in global media: The Economist, BBC, The Financial Times, Forbes, Quartz, TechCrunch, TechinAsia, Campaign Asia, eMarketer, AdAge. Matthew's company China Channel organizes China’s largest WeChat marketing conference series for international companies. He works primarily with international businesses to help form and implement their WeChat platform strategy. Co-host of the China Tech Talk podcast produced together with China's largest English language tech media, Matthew has been based in China now for over 13+ years. His book 'Building your Business through WeChat' is due for release early this year. Matthew holds a Bachelor of Science in Economics from the University of Southampton.


"We've Invested in 160 Unicorns"​ Tencent President Talks Investment 2020

“To date, Tencent has invested in more than 800 companies, of which more than 70 have been listed, and more than 160 have become unicorns (market or private valuation of US $1 billion+).”


"We've Invested in 122 Unicorns"​ Tencent President Talks Investment

Below is my abridged translation of a short speech given by Tencent president Martin Lau at the Tencent Investment’s ‘Insight & Forecast Conference’ held in Beijing. The speech not only reveals some very impressive statistics on Tencent’s investment track record it also gives some insight into the organization’s overall investment philosophy. Finally, it provides some color regarding the wider market sentiment amongst startups and investors that China is entering a winter period.


Tencent Just Announced A Major Company Restructuring

A few days ago Tencent officially announced a major restructuring (Link in Chinese), the third ever in company history. The move is a big deal for the Chinese internet industry as the repositioning of Tencent’s divisions reveals much about their long strategy and where they believe the future key internet and technology sector battles will take place. In this essay I hope to provide a detailed breakdown and analysis of the restructuring and the implications for Tencent’s strategy moving forward.


10 Of The Best WeChat Mini Program Case Studies

WeChat mini programs (MPs) were launched to much fanfare almost exactly one year ago. The format has really started to take off in the second half of 2017, especially as a way to supercharge WeChat e-commerce.


WeChat Vs. LINE Battle Of the Merchandise Stores

A few months ago, WeChat announced that they are partnering with GAP to launch a range of WeChat branded clothing (see picture below). WeChat's first major foray into releasing official branded merchandise. But it seems that this is could just be the beginning of WeChat’s plans to move into more merchandising and there are some big clues that point to WeChat opening their own branded ‘WeStores’ soon.