Phoenix Normand Society Expert

Phoenix is coaching and supporting American billionaires, CEOs and executive teams in tech, retail and banking for over 25 years. He also founded and created MEGA Assistant University, a revolutionary skills and mindset “boot camp” for top Executive and Personal Assistants who want to level up quickly and begin forging a mutually successful business partnership with their executives and teams. Phoenix holds a Bachelors of Arts in European Studies/Civilisation from Trinity College Dublin.


The Evolution is Upon Us

As many of you know, I recently accepted a role as an Executive Vice President after over 27 years as a top performing, C-suite Executive Assistant. The kudos have been effusive and flowing like water. But, I'll have to admit, they've opened my eyes to something that is pervasive in this industry. Lack of confidence and vision beyond the role.


Good Enough Won't Take You Far Away

I fear that we are in a quality control crisis. Evidenced by the very fast but poor first efforts I see in the wild. One of the mantras being pushed upon new entrepreneurs is, "Just put something out. You can perfect it as you go." While I agree that you shouldn't ruminate on a game-changing idea for too long and that an adoring public will forgive the slight gaffs inherent in rushing a product to market if the product fulfills a specific need in their lives, we are now establishing "good enough" as a bar by which new businesses, products, even employees are judged and showing up in the world.


It's Time to Empower Millennials

I'm #teammillennial. Unabashedly. Yes, I'm a GenXer, but unlike many in my generation, I relate to, coach and mentor "the millennials" on the regular. And I like it...and them.


Go Around

I have to admit. I'm a little disappointed with the world right now. Lies. Deceit. Spin. Complicity. No bueno. The curse of growing up in a different generation (I'm turning 50 this July) and being raised, predominantly, by my grandparents is that I was taught and adopted a set of morals and standards based on old ideals like truth, integrity, respect for elders, and respectful greetings like "Pardon me," and "Yes, sir/ma'am" and those dinosaurs "Please," and "Thank You." They were, are, and will always be the cornerstone of how I interact with my fellow man and I will always assume the good in people FIRST until they prove otherwise. I'm sure this is why I have a therapist on speed dial and an appointment every Tuesday morning to talk through the aforementioned disappointment with the world from the previous week.


Is Artificial Intelligence Worth the Hype?

So I just completed (and graduated!) AI guru Andrew Ng's AI for Everyone course on Coursera. I liked it. A lot. It answered many of the lingering questions I had about AI like when the rocketship will land, and when we should plan for complete annihilation by the little green men with those sweet phaser guns and no clothes on. Wait. Wrong cartoon. When we can expect these hundreds of millions of jobs worldwide to be stolen by AI inducing mass hysteria, blocks-long bread lines, insurmountable hipster unemployment, and a digital apocalypse that forces us all back to the safety of those Princess rotary phones to avoid mass hackery by "them bots." I can say, unequivocally, calm TF down. It's not that deep...yet.

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