Ryan Chadha Investment Expert

Ryan is an entrepreneur based in Bangalore who believes that the most rewarding learning experiences are driven by curiosity. He runs a school in Bangalore called Jigyasa The School, where the emphasis is on allowing children ample opportunity to learn by doing, making and collaborating in an environment which nurtures the freedom of movement and expression. Additionally, he is one of the lead instructors at The Crypto University, an online school where he teaches people from all over the world about the various quirks and innovations in the world of blockchain and cryptocurrencies. He holds a BSc from Loughborough University, MFIN from University of Cambridge and has passed the CFA exams.


The Options Theory of Life

The thing about life is that there are always times when you question yourself.


How Blockchain Technologies Can Solve Real Financial Problems

I have been a close observer of the blockchain and cryptocurrency markets for some time now. It is now pretty clear to me (and a lot of other people!) that this technology has a lot of potential. I am quite optimistic that it can radically change the way we interact, transact and trust one another. Many people are skeptical about cryptocurrencies (it is a ponzi scheme!), but there is little doubt about the usefulness of the applications that cryptos enable.


ICOs: The Devil is in the Details

In this article, I want to explore certain nuances of ICOs. For the uninitiated, the acronym ICO stands for Initial Coin Offerings. They are also sometimes known as Token Generating Events (TGEs), and in some instances, also referred to as WTFLOL. If I have to be honest, with the amounts being raised, and the business models being funded, WTFLOL describes almost everything happening in this space.


Why Do So Many Kids Hate Math?

Over the last few weeks, I have met loads of people who say they hate math or are terrible at math.


Initiative Q: Gateway to Riches or Not?

If you clicked on this article, you have either already signed up for Initiative Q, or have received an invite to join this crazy, all pervading idea which claims that it can grow to trillions of dollars and become bigger than most economies. All you need is to do their bidding and invite your friends to the network.