Future of America Under COVID-19 

Future of America Under COVID-19 

Rachna Nath 18/06/2020 1
Fuure of America Under COVID-19 

Life is a full circle. What goes around comes around. Our lives also does not stay stagnant.

Our present might seem to be very bleak but all of us will prevail and come out stronger on the other side of this.

Debt, disease, divisiveness and inequalities arise from our individual state of minds and environment and like everything else it will come to an end soon.

We are biological beings and are constantly in touch with our inner self. Why do you think you can sense someone is going to hurt you?

How do you know that you should be ending a relationship even if it looks like everything is fine?

You may call it sixth sense, third eye, neurological synapses firing or an aware spiritual self, but there is definitely something that warns us of incoming danger.

Staying positive, increasing your inner consciousness to a level where we can protect ourselves using energy cleansing and meditation, choosing our battles consciously and with sleekness, not giving in to our temptations to indulge in social media and taking the support of science to keep us knowledgeable but have the capability to identify fake news from the truth will stand us in good stead through this difficult times.

I am an educator and work with high school students and I think I have a big role to play in this concept of overcoming this situation together as a nation as the youth are our future and we need to tap into their inquisitive little minds.

This might lead us to develop potential innovative ways we can solve present issues using what I call DRIPBL (Dream Research Innovate Project Based Learning). 

Looking ahead of us, not letting diversity unsettle us and giving ourselves a chance to innovation, radicalization and most of all visualization of the inner capabilities will give us our future back.

So get prepared to invade your senses and release your potential to the utmost capability.

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  • Daniel Sequeira

    The future of America will be written without Trump in the office.

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Rachna Nath

Science Expert

Rachna Nath is an internationally and nationally recognized innovator who is also an entrepreneur, grant writer, STEM enthusiast and a passionate educator. She has two masters, first one in Entomology (Insect Science) from Cotton College, India and the second one in Biology (Developmental Genetics) from Arizona State University working with honey bee Exocrine gland ontology. She has won the Global Innovation Award from TURNITIN 2019, received the Honorable Mention for the Presidential Innovation Award for Environment Educators in the United States and also two Excite Awards from Lemelson-MIT foundation to mention a few. She has also been invited to join the “Imaginary College” as an Honorary member (Center for Science and Imagination) at ASU along with world renowned elite Philosophers like Margaret Atwood, Paolo Bacigalupi, Vandana Singh and many more. She has been featured in the “Chandler Lifestyle 2020 Women of Chandler” recognized at the “Women in Leadership Conference” by the Chandler Chamber of Commerce, Phoenix Arizona.  Her story about her journey from 2003 to 2020 in the US was also published by Phoenix Voyage magazine. Rachna is also a Honey bee scientist and has two master’s degree. She works with young entrepreneurs to make their dreams come true by working with the community partners and helping patent their ideas. Rachna has a network of trusted IT professionals, lawyers, community helpers who helps bring dreams to reality for 9th to 12th grade students who are invested in critical thinking, problem solving and giving back to the community by solving real world problems. She has 3 patent pending’s from such students in various prototypes from Anti-VOC scent bags to Heat stress monitoring devices. Rachna also does a lot of volunteering work taking about honey bees at various festivals, has contributed her time in mask making during the COVID19 pandemic and also runs a dance school “Sangeeta Nritya Academy” in US which she has dedicated to her Guru Sangita Hazarika in Assam, India.

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