Invest in Your Health

Invest in Your Health

Ellie Savoy 16/09/2019 2
Grow your nest egg by adopting a holistic approach to your health. 

Making Your Health a Priority Should be at the Top of your List

Most of us have heard that it makes good sense to contribute to our retirement plan so the money will be there for us when we need it later in life.

Makes sense, right?

I believe the same concept is true for our health!

Every time we eat good quality food, exercise, interact in a healthy relationship, have jobs we enjoy, etc., we will see a return on our investment.  Our health is even more important than money because if we don’t have our health, we don’t have anything.  Like our retirement plans, the sooner you start making deposits the more you have to spend.

Here are 5 Ways to Start Making an Investment in your Diet Free Life

1. Declare what you are thankful for. You can say this in your mind or out loud.

2. Drink a glass of water immediately upon rising. This is like having an internal shower.

3. Eat breakfast as soon as possible after rising by sitting down at a table with minimal distractions and time to enjoy it. Avoid sugar or at least keep it to a minimum.

4. Chew each mouthful at least 30 times.

5. Decide on what you will cook for dinner so that you plan accordingly. This may be as simple as taking something out of the freezer or making a list of items that you need to buy during your lunch break or on the way home.

Think of these changes in your life as $$$$$ deposits. The more you deposit, the more it grows. Planning for good ongoing health is just as important as preparing for financial security later in life.  After-all, I’m sure you aren’t planning on spending your cash on costly medical expenses.

Small Steps with Big Results – A Holistic Diet Free Life

You will be amazed at how these simple steps are effective in helping you build up your “health bank account” so your health is there for you when you need it.

The road to health can sometimes feel like a mountain to many people. If this sounds like you, change your thinking so that you can take the first step towards positive change. This may look like taking a 5 minute walk for a week each day that can evolve into a 10 minute walk each day the following week. We tend to think of things in terms of mountains or hurdles which can stop us in our tracks. Small steps lead to greater things.

Please leave a comment below and share what you will do to steer your life in a more positive direction.

I look forward to reading each and every one of your responses.

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  • Richard Pilbeam

    Best ever investment !!!!

  • Juliano Faria

    Fitness is a topic often ignored by most individuals and is often a cause of health problems and diseases.

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Ellie Savoy

Health Expert

Ellie Savoy is a Board Certified Holistic Health Coach and the author of the #1 international best selling book “Stop Dieting Start Living: 5 Foundations for Your Health to Permanently Lose Weight Without Dieting Starvation or Suffering in Silence”. She is also the founder of the Stop Dieting Start Living Weight Loss System. Her commonsense and step by step approach has literally transformed the way people look at their body, health and life. She spent over two decades under a great deal of stress. She lost sight of the importance of her health time and time again; gaining weight and yo-yo dieting to take care of it, skipping meals during the day, eating too late at night, and letting work dictate how all of her time was spent. Many people need a trigger for change in life and the first trigger for her was her mother’s passing in 2008. Then just 21 months later her father passed away. Not only was this a ton of grief to process, but it started her on a deeper exploration of what is really important in this life. The saying “you can’t take it with you when you die” really hit home. She had been living with so much stress striving for more and more losing sight of herself and her health. The final trigger was in 2011 when she was diagnosed with two uterine fibroids. The four options she was given were actually not options for her! Three involved surgery and the other one was to do nothing. This scared her into understanding what she needed to do to naturally heal her body and permanently end the yo-yo dieting dilemma. This was when she really embraced making healthy permanent lifestyle changes. Since then she has been enjoying living a diet free and healthy life, without aches and pains, medications and a bunch of rules! She hasn’t looked back since. Ellie’s approach is not just for yo-yo dieters or those wanting to lose weight – it’s for everyone who is concerned about what their future looks like and wants to take control of their health. She has helped women with high blood pressure, high cholesterol, thyroid imbalance, irritable bowel syndrome, type 2 diabetes, and a host of other symptoms. Ellie helps you to show up in your own life, stop making excuses, shift your mindset, have a plan and connect with the passion in your belly to live your best life. It’s a lot of fun!

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