Shaunak Roy Management Expert

Shaunak is an Assistant Professor, Faculty of Management, St. Xavier's College (Autonomous), Kolkata. He is an experienced research scholar with a demonstrated history of working in the marketing and advertising industry. He holds a Master of Commerce in Marketing Management from St. Xavier's College.


Does Elon Musk hold the keys to the Future of Travel?

What would your city do if it were struggling with perennial traffic congestion? India would bet big on a rollout of metro railways in as many cities as possible. Japan probably has no clue about the word ‘traffic’. China would build something to flaunt their tech superiority. No kidding; they are already working on a 1000-kmph ‘Super Maglev’ to take on Hyperloop.


Everything you Need to Know about 5G

Aargh! Yet another G? And, just after we have just come to terms with LTE! So, what is this 5G? What is so special about it? First, let us take a lookback at the timeline of cellular network technology. 0G was the era of the analog radiotelephone. 1G introduced the world to mobile phones. 2G kick-started mobile revolution and allowed users to digitally text one another. 3G transported mobile phone users online for the first time. 4G supplied faster speeds that you and I enjoy today.


Why Educational Institutions must teach Business Ethics

Ask any of my management students, and they will tell you that I begin my Business Ethics lectures with Prof. Viru Sahastrabuddhe’s epic quote “This is not a philosophy class”.


Is the Bitcoin More of an Environmental Gamble?

Disclaimer first: I am as comfortable with the concept of bitcoin as Indian cricketers are on Australian pitches. Few days earlier, a student of mine asked me “Sir, should I invest in Bitcoin or should I go for Ethereum?” Now, I do make a few petty investments here and there, but I certainly don’t know how I achieved the reputation of being a cryptocurrency-consultant. Nonetheless, I (visibly rattled) muttered something, which no cryptologists can probably decipher. Yeah, that student is never coming back to me again.


Alexa, How Far Are You Going with Customer Convenience?

“Alexa, order batteries.” “Hey Cortana, add milk to my grocery list!” “Okay Google, what are best deals at Walmart today?” While a substantial chunk of avant-garde tech-savvy consumers will have already smelled out what’s been cooking here, allow me explicate for my technology-challenged readers, somewhat like me.