Content Marketing Strategy: 5 Steps to Create Impactful Content

Content Marketing Strategy: 5 Steps to Create Impactful Content

Content Marketing: 5 Steps to Create Impactful Content

At the core of any content marketing strategy is persuading your target audience to covert to sales opportunities.

One of the popular formulas is “Attention — Interest — Desire — Action”. This a quite a popular formula, however it tends to underestimate the complex role of other steps involved in between.


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The building blocks for a successful content marketing strategy should include conducting keyword research, planning and seo. 

Content marketing has undergone several transformation. Having a strong content strategy can transform your business.

Here is how to use content marketing to attract customers in the modern world:

Attract to Drive Traffic
- Landing Page
- Branded Presence on Social Media
- Specific & Targeted Advertising

Interact and Engage with Your Audience
- Email Campaign
- Scheduled Updates
- Powerful & Engaging Video Marketing 

Convert and Generate Enquiries
- Enquiry Forms on Website and Social Media 
- Calls For Action
- Promotions

Take it Offline
- Follow Up 
- Schedule Face to Face Meetings
- Organize Events


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There is no better way to get to know your buyers than through organic interaction.

Content marketing provides the necessary tools and opportunities to carry out this process.

Here are 5 steps to create impact content for your audience:

1. Understand and Develop Empathy For Your Customer

First step is to understand who you want to speak to? What is that which matters most to them? What problems of theirs would you be solving with your content? So at the core of this step would be to develop “Empathy” for your customer.  

2. Build a Conncetion With Your Audience 

Focus on building a connection that fosters long term relationship. This can be achieved by combining content that speaks about the problem the audience care about which talking about it a position of shared values.

3. Write Highly Useful Content 

The third step involves building a content path that focuses on being highly “Useful”. It would help to ask yourself- What kinds of content could you create that your audience would find valuable? What problems could you solve? Are there any quick wins I can enable them with? What Objections could you address? What risks could you help them foresee? Focus on building thought leadership with your content.  

Thought leadership for FinTech companies is a valuable method of generating customer loyalty and potential leads. Despite the explosion in fintech, it's noticed a striking deficit of thought leadership. The truth is that when it’s done well, thought leadership can be useful. It also highlights the risks of doing it inexpertly. That's why B2B fintechs should invest in thought leadership content that can meet the high bar set by knowledgeable buyers, partners, and investors.

4. Provide Solutions to Problems and Offer Incentives

The fourth step would be to introduce few "offer" that can encourage them to try your solution or offering. This could be free trials for limited period. If there are any assumptions, beliefs you would like to address for your audience, do that at this stage. Ensure your content builds a strong business case for your solution to solve the customer’s problems. This needs to be backed with solid research and understanding around what their key desires are and not what you perceive them to be!

5. Focus on Sustaining Your Relationship With Your Audience 

Fifth and final step would be to focus on “sustaining” the relationship. It’s always great to have your customers do repeat business with you and you both grow together. Towards that, focus on “Delivering value” over time and keep looking for new ways to serve that audience with your content.

So with these steps you can ensure that your content is capturing more mindshare and thereby more market share. Working with a content marketing specialist can help organisations gain better ROI for their content marketing investments. 

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