Distinguishing the Various Types of Greenhouses

Distinguishing the Various Types of Greenhouses

Daniel Hall 13/10/2021
Distinguishing the Various Types of Greenhouses

It might surprise you to know that greenhouses available in the market come in various shapes and sizes.

They are made from different materials and may also have different glazing. Perhaps you are familiar with the hoop type or the lean-to and A-frame greenhouses, which are pretty standard.

But when it comes to large commercial greenhouses, you are bound to encounter other types, such as raised dome, flat arch, tunnel, skillion, and sawtooth. Interesting, isn't it?

Different Greenhouse Styles


Gable Roof Greenhouse

When you say gable roof, it consists of two roof sections installed at a 45-degree angle that meet at a top point called a roof ridge. A gable roof greenhouse is suitable for locations with cool and temperate climates. It is ideal for more extensive commercial greenhouse operations. The roof design is flexible to fit the site. 

A-Frame Greenhouse

An A-frame greenhouse is good for conserving energy. Likewise, the design of the roof makes it suitable for the installation of solar panels. However, the interior of an A-frame is smaller than its exterior, although it is weather-resistant.

Hoop House

The greenhouse looks like a series of buried half hoops. The hoops can be made from different materials and are covered with a particular plastic film made for greenhouses. This type is cheaper than other types, and the size is adjustable, but it isn't easy to insulate. However, it can give you additional growing time, which can increase your revenue. You can also call it an igloo or tunnel, as you can make the length of the hoop house longer.

Gothic Arch Greenhouse

A gothic style greenhouse is more prevalent in Europe than in the United States. The weight of the greenhouse structure is distributed in the arches instead of the walls. The design plan is more open as the solid walls are missing. You can make the structure big and tall depending on your requirements. 

Shade House Greenhouse

This type of greenhouse is suited for plants that require only minimal sunlight. It has mesh, wooden slats, or fabric to create a shaded growing area. A shaded greenhouse is ideal for plants that are not domestic to the site. It is essential to know about these plants and that they genuinely prefer to grow in a shaded environment. 

Sawtooth Greenhouse

The sawtooth greenhouse is suitable for wholesalers. It achieves the shape as the vertical side of the ridges face away from the wind creating a design with one side lower than the other. The design allows for the effective removal of hot air within the greenhouse.


The structure has an angled flat room, which limits the transmission of light. In contrast, a curved roof such as a flat arch and raised dome provide more workspace and improve ventilation and light distribution. 

Now you have an idea of the different styles and shapes of the greenhouse. Each type has its pros and cons. Likewise, the style you choose can affect your efficiency and productivity. You can find more information by working with an expert greenhouse manufacturer when purchasing a greenhouse kit.

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